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Sergey Kovalev dismisses the notion he can’t take a body shot

Kovalev’s frustration became quickly apparent when discussing his perceived vulnerability to the body.

During a media conference call ahead of his upcoming title defense against Canelo Alvarez, WBO light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev fielded some media questions before getting a bit bewildered with the well-traveled idea that he’s weak to the body (which many people believe Canelo will exploit against him).

When ESPN’s Dan Rafael asked Kovalev about Canelo being an exceptional body puncher and that’s he’s shown difficulties in dealing with that in the past, Kovalev responded:

“Why everybody think I have a problem with body shots? I never lose a [fight] by body shot, you know. I don’t know where this opinion [comes from].”

When Rafael brought up the stoppage in his second fight with Andre Ward, Kovalev became obviously frustrated.

“Second fight with Andre Ward was a low blow! Was a low blow. It wasn’t a punch to the body. It was a low blow. I said already like after the fight it was a low blow.”

Rafael then asked Kovalev if he needs to do anything differently in this fight against Canelo, knowing that he’s a prolific body puncher.

“Listen, November 2nd will be the fight and everything will be what it will be...”

Trainer Buddy McGirt was then posed the same question, to which he responded:

“It’s obvious that’s [Canelo’s] game plan because that’s one of his biggest tools, is body punching, and for the record nobody likes to get hit to the body, I don’t give a shit who you are.”

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