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Gloves Are Off: Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor

Prograis and Taylor sit face-to-face to discuss their big fight this weekend.

With junior welterweight titleholders Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor set to clash this weekend in the WBSS junior welterweight championship match, both fighters sit down with Johnny Nelson of Sky Sports to discuss their fight.

“I feel I can do everything. Whatever I feel like doing in the ring, that’s what I do,” Prograis begins in an opening narration. “When you start boxing people dream about this type of fight, I just can’t wait.”

When Taylor is asked whether his matchup with Prograis represents boxing at it’s best, Taylor says:

“I think so, yep. I believe I’m the best, he believes he’s the best.”

Prograis wouldn’t have anything to argue about that sentiment, but when asked if this was truly a 50/50 fight, Prograis wouldn’t go that far.

“I don’t think so,” Prograis would say.

Taylor, for his part, said he thinks it’s fair to call this a 50/50 fight although he says he firmly believes that he’ll be the victor come Saturday because he doesn’t think Prograis can fight with him on the inside or box with him on the outside.

Both fighters would continue to field questions about their fight, but there wasn’t much animosity between them as much as there was just a mutual respect, both expecting the toughest fight of their careers in this defining moment.

Check out the full video feature above.

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