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Eddie Hearn not a fan of WBC handing out world titles

The Matchroom promoter shares some thoughts on the recent WBC rulings.

In an interview with iFL TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn give his take on the WBC elevating Vasiliy Lomachenko’s status and in turn promoting Devin Haney to world champion. Check out some excerpts below with the full interview video above...

Hearn on the WBC naming Vasiliy Lomachenko ‘Franchise Champion’ and appointing Devin Haney as their new ‘World Champion’:

“No [it’s not right]. Look, I’m totally against the ‘Franchise’ situation. I’ve said it before. I think the WBC, by the way, does so many good things that this is something they’ve got wrong. Devin Haney wanted to fight Vasiliy Lomachenko. [Haney] is, today, WBC world champion, but he won’t get the credit.

“I don’t worry too much for Devin ‘cause you’ll see him in the fights where he’ll get the genuine credit, but you kinda don’t get that moment when you’re in the ring and it’s ‘And the new...’, that feeling. And you never get your shot at greatness. His shot at greatness will come, ‘cause he’s 20 years old, but why would you wanna work your way up the ratings and try and become a mandatory if you never get that opportunity at that shot at greatness?

“So if you’re a middleweight and it’s your dream to fight Canelo, and you beat everybody and get yourself highly rated, you can never get to fight him, unless you’re picked. And you’re never gonna get to be picked if you’re really good. The only way you’re gonna get picked is if it’s a mega-fight. So we made a decision, pre-franchise stuff, to go down the WBC route because Devin Haney wanted to fight Vasiliy Lomachenko — he wanted his shot at greatness.

“So we did everything right, we got to the mandatory position, and now you’re blocked. You cannot get to Vasiliy Lomachenko. So, listen, great for Devin Haney that he’s world champion, and his contract goes up significantly off the back of that fact, but I would’ve rather — and I think him as well — would’ve rather had that moment to win that belt through a moment of greatness.”

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