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Prograis vs Taylor: Live results, round by round and discussion

Two top 140-pound fighters meet in today’s main event from London.

Regis Prograis v Josh Taylor - World Boxing Super Series Super-Lightweight Ali Trophy Final: Press Conference Photo by James Chance/Getty Images


Round By Round

Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor

Round 1: Taylor comes out to center ring and Prograis lays back and throws a few foot feints before throwing a probing jab. Taylor ducks a shot from Prograis and the fighters end up in a clinch. Taylor slips another Prograis jab and misses on a counter left uppercut. Two body shots score for Prograis to the body. Taylor presses forward and walks into another couple body shots from Prograis that Taylor thinks were a little low. Prograis misses on a jab upstairs. Chopping left hand lands twice for Taylor! Prograis responds with a couple more body shots! Right hook lands to the body for Taylor. Jabs from Prograis land on Taylor’s gloves. Fuck me, that was a close round! I think Prograis’ body shots were the difference maker. Prograis 10-9.

Round 2: Prograis misses on a jab and two wide body shots. Uppercut from Taylor grazes Prograis. Counter hook to the bo lands for Prograis, who then gets back on his jab. Two hooks from Prograis get blocked by Taylor. Short left uppercut to the body lands for Taylor this time. Taylor blocks a jab and then throws two that Prograis ducks before Taylor lands a body shot. Right hook lands clean for Taylor upstairs. Jab lands for Taylor to the head of Prograis. Prograis throws three jabs but Taylor is defending them pretty well. Short left hook on the inside lands for Taylor, then another one. Prograis lands a short left hand on the inside down to the body. Taylor goes upstairs and downstairs with his right hook and then throws another short combination. Prograis lands a jab and Taylor misses on just before the bell. This fight is just as competitive as was expected coming in. Taylor 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Both fighters trade shots to open the round. Taylor gets in a counter right hand at mid-range. Prograis goes down to the body with two shots and Taylor lands a short right hook to the head. Taylor just misses on an uppercut and then steps back to the outside as he looks to box more again. Both fighters probe with some shots and Prograis gets in a pretty good left hand. Taylor goes back down to the body with two shots from his left hand. Prograis slips a jab and throws to the body with two, landing one. Right hook lands on the inside for Taylor. Body shot lands for Prograis, who then slips a couple shots aimed at his head. Nice left hook lands downstairs for Taylor, then a big one to the head. I still think Prograis edged it. Prograis 10-9.

Round 4: Taylor pumps several jabs which puts Prograis on the defensive. Right hand lands clean for Prograis. Taylor lands another stiff jab and the referee calls a timeout as Prograis loses his mouthpiece. Two body shots lands for Prograis, who then sticks in a jab between Taylor’s gloves. Straight left hand from Taylor partially lands, who then follows it up with a couple shots to the body just after. Prograis pops a jab but misses on the follow up left hook. Taylor takes advantage to steal the play away and start his own offense. Straight left hand lands clean for Taylor upstairs, who then goes down to the body with a short combination. Both fighters trade shots at and just after the bell. I’m leaning towards Taylor in this one. Taylor 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Prograis feints and then throws a couple of jabs. Taylor fires back and then slips out of range of a Prograis response. Right hook lands for Taylor as Prograis steps in. Taylor flashes an active jab and then skips to the side. Lead left hand from Prograis gets blocked. Now Taylor lands a clean counter uppercut to the body on Prograis. Prograis misses on an uppercut on the inside. Jab lands for Taylor. Taylor steps in with a one-two and then smothers Prograis. Both fighters throw and land body shots up close. Taylor pushes forward a bit more and lands a right hand upstairs. Another right hand lands clean for Taylor upstairs before he slips Prograis’s counter. Check right hook lands clean for Taylor! Prograis shakes his head. Both fighters trade punches through the bell again and stare each other down. Taylor 10-9.

Round 6: Referee tells both fighters to keep it clean at the bell. Now both fighters trade jabs to start the round before Taylor tries to push Prograis back and he lands a left hook once he gets some space. Taylor bounces around and blocks a Prograis jab to the body. Counter uppercut to the body scores for Taylor, who then goes to the ropes for a moment to bait Prograis into coming in. Prograis doesn’t take the bait and then goes back to center ring where Taylor rattles off a short combination. Prograis looks to go back down to the body and Taylor responds in kind. Taylor lands two short right hooks on the inside. Both fighters trade and Taylor looks like he gets the better of it. Taylor is starting to take a marginal lead in this fight to my eyes. Taylor 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Taylor takes the center of the ring and Prograis looks to counter from the outside. Prograis lands a clean shot but Taylor gets in more clean shots in quick succession! Prograis misses on a right hand to the body. Counter uppercut lands to the body for Taylor just as the fighters clash heads — no one is cut. Straight left from Prograis misses downstairs. Prograis tries to keep active but Taylor seems to be landing the slightly more accurate punches. Right hook lands on the inside for Taylor. Taylor goes right back down to the body with a right hook, then a left upstairs! Prograis fires back two shots to the body before slipping his head to both side. Prograis shakes his head again and throws two shots to the body. Two jabs land clean for Prograis! Taylor wants to take the momentum back and steps in and lands a jab between Prograis’s guard at the bell. Taylor 10-9.

Round 8: This fight has been amazing so far but Taylor just seems to be getting the edge in these last few rounds. Taylor comes out looking confident and ducks a Prograis left hand. Jab lands for Taylor upstairs. Prograis might be bleeding from his nose as it could possible be broken. Two more stiff jabs lands for Taylor upstairs and that’s becoming problematic for Prograis who is keeping his hands down too much against a sharp and accurate puncher. Prograis really needs to turn things around here but I think he’s being a little too passive right now. Taylor stalks Prograis and then works his right hand before lands a left to the body. Prograis misses on a big left hand. Prograis gets in a jab upstairs but Taylor comes righ tback with a combination which steals whatever momentum Prograis just built in that moment. Prograis lands a big shot that snaps Taylor’s head around but Taylor takes the shot and keeps coming forward. Prograis’s face isn’t looking too good. Despite the one big punch from Prograis I still think Taylor takes it. Taylor 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Taylor comes out quick but Prograis is game as he looks to dig to the body. Now Prograis gives up more ground and looks to find space to slip and counter. Jab partially lands for Prograis. Taylor comes in with a short left hand to the body that lands around Prograis’ elbow. Two clean body shots land for Prograis. Prograis should look to keep going down to the body. Uppercut from Taylor is well placed on the inside and makes good contact. Chopping left hand lands for Taylor on the inside. Prograis lands a body shot but Taylor comes back with more body shots and he continues to outwork Prograis in these pivotal moments. Taylor is backing Prograis up and strafing him to the body and head! Prograis is getting bullied a little but not backing down, showing his heart. Taylor 10-9.

Round 10: Taylor comes out on the hunt and Prograis tries to pick him off with a jab. Combination comes from Taylor and Prograis responds with a double jab. Double right hook to the body lands well for Taylor! Taylor double jabs and backs Prograis up. Prograis partially lands a left hand to the body. Taylor misses on a big straight left at mid-range. Taylor works both sides of Prograis’s body with clean hooks. Uppercut lands for Taylor on the inside and Prograis’ face is looking bad. Prograis isn’t going to turn things around by fighting off the back foot at this point. Prograis has a cut now over his right eye and Taylor has pretty much taken over since the mid rounds. Taylor fights Prograis off and pushes him back and land a body shot at the bell. This really is an amazing fight despite the margin on my scorecard. I just see Taylor taking these rounds. Taylor 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Prograis tries to make a stand here and throws some big shots but Taylor is game and ready to match fire with fire. Prograis takes a deep breath and looks for a counter to the body. Prograis lands a good left hand to the body and then steps forward behind a couple jabs. Taylor seems to be taking this round off a little to me. Clean counter left to the body lands well for Prograis. Jab lands for Prograis, who then gets smothered by Taylor. Prograis goes right back down to the body and now Taylor emerges with a cut around his eye after a clinch. Much better round for Prograis, who lands two more lefts to the body. Prograis 10-9.

Round 12: Prograis needs a knockout to win on my card, or at least some knockdowns. I saw Taylor take a long stretch of competitive rounds through the middle of the fight. Last round and both fighters come out swinging! Taylor lands a left to the body that looks like it strayed a little low. Prograis stands in close and looks for space to land something and gets in a left to the head. Prograis lands another counter left to the body and Taylor comes back with a shot that doesn’t land as clean. Prograis pushes Taylor back and misses on a lunging left hand. Left hand from Prograis might’ve stunned Taylor a little there, as Taylor takes a few steps back. Now Taylor comes right back inside and lands a right hook! Prograis goes to the body with a left hand! THIS IS BOXING AT IT’S BEST, PEOPLE! Taylor gets warned for a low blow. Prograis throws a couple of shots on the inside as Taylor responds! The crowd loves it! Both fighters trade after the bell again! Prograis 10-9, but it’s not enough to offset that earlier stretch of rounds. I’ve got it pretty clear for Taylor 116-112, in maybe the best fight of the year.

Dereck Chisora vs David Price

Round 1: Chisora ducks down low and jabs up to the body and head, then the head again. Chisora has Price on the retreat early as he’s just freely winging shots while Price hasn’t really had a chance to do much of anything so far. Chisora stays low and loops some more shots before getting smothered on the inside. Chisora continues to throws to the body and Price tries to sneak in a body shot on the inside. Hard right hand to the head and left hook to the body lands for Chisora but the referee warns Chisora that the body shot was low. Short left hand lands on the inside for Chisora. Chisora tries a big right hand over the top that just misses as the crowd gets excited. Price throws two shots back but then looks to force a clinch. Right hand lands downstairs for Chisora. My God, Chisora is an easy fighter to like inside the ring — he’s all blood and guts. Chisora 10-9.

Round 2: Chisora comes out with a jab and some pretty good head movement to slip Price’s jab. Uppercut lands on the inside for Price. Chisora walks right back inside and throws two body shots. The London crowd is chanting Chisora’s name. Chisora backs Price to the ropes but gets ties up until the referee intervenes. Two more body shots land for Chisora, who then adds in a right hand upstairs. Another shot from Chisora lands low and he gets a stern warning from the referee, who looks like he’ll take a point next time. Straight right hand targets the body for Chisora. Chisora throws two more body shots and lands two clean right hook upstairs. Price seemed to take those two shots pretty well but he’s known to be chinny. Price already has his mouthpiece dangling out of his mouth during a clinch. He might be getting tired already and he’s not even throwing much. Chisora 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Chisora comes out on fire and has a couple more right hooks glance off Price’s head. Price ties up Chisora’s arms and turns him to the ropes before the referee calls a break. Price throws a combination of punches for maybe the first time in the fight and Chisora taps his gloves together. Left to the body partially lands for Chisora. Hard left hook from Chisora scrapes Price’s chin. More shots come from Chisora as Price tries to weather the storm. Counter shots land for Price on the inside as he times an opportunity to return fire. Price gets a warning for holding Chisora’s head down. Hard uppercut lands clean for Price and makes Chisora’s knee buckle but he immediately comes back with a number of hard shots! Chisora continues to throw and hurts Price at the bell but Price got in a big shot on Chisora too! Price might be in bad shape now, though. Chisora 10-9.

Round 4: Price tries to make a stand and throws some shots as Chisora tries to bob and weave his way on the inside. Price lines up a big right hand that gets Chisora’s attention! Now Chisora throws a stiff jab to the body before unloading another right hook upstairs that glances off Price’s head. Chisora works his shots on the inside as Price tries to hold but Price crumbles on the inside like a building collapsing from the ground up! Price gets up and says he wants to continue but it looks like Price’s corner has thrown in the towel! Chisora TKO-4.

Ricky Burns vs Lee Selby

Round 1: Burns comes out with a jab to the body. Burns falls short on the following jabs before getting tangled up with Selby along the ropes. Selby tries to time a check left hook that doesn’t land clean. Check hook from Selby partially lands this time. Burns looks like he wants to apply a lot of pressure on Selby early. Combination comes fro Selby as Burns covers up. Jab from Selby pierces Burns’ guard. Right hand from Burns misses, but he lands a jab just after. Jab partially lands upstairs for Selby. Selby lands another jab before Burns forces a break. Close round. I think I’m going to edge it to Selby. Selby 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters trade shots to start the round but Selby lands a bit cleaner. Jabs from Burns falls short at center ring. Burns charges forward behind four punches but Selby is largely able to duck the shots. Burn presses Selby to the ropes but a break allows Selby to get back to center ring. Counter jab and hook lands for Selby. Now Burns lands a clean left hook upstairs. Burns jabs to the body but misses on a right hand, then eats a clean shot from Selby. Counter jab lands for Selby at center ring, then a right hand shortly after. Burns lands a straight right down to the body, then a jab upstairs. Clean right hand from Selby pierces the guard of Burns. I’m taking Selby again. Selby 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Burns throws a jab that gets blocked. Right hand from Burns misses the mark as Selby moves laterally. Selby flicks a jab that Burns blocks this time. Burns presses forward and Selby throws a one-two that falls a little short. Now Burns tries to throw a looping right hand on the inside. Burns lands a clean jab upstairs. Now Selby lands a jab of his own. Burns whacks away at Selby as he has him pinned to the ropes before the referee force a break. Selby goes down to the body with a left hook that lands. Burns throws a right hook to the body and then pushes Selby back on the ropes again before the referee steps in to break them. Counter right from Burns partially lands. Burns 10-9.

Round 4: Burns lines up a right hand that misses to start the round. Now Burns throws a stiff jab to the body but takes a counter from Selby. Both fighters trade jabs again at center ring before falling into a clinch. Right hand from Burns gets in on Selby. Selby throws two hooks as Burns covers up. Now Selby looks to go down to the body with his jab but doesn’t land it clean. Right hand to the body from Burns falls short, but still steps forward and tries another right hand upstairs that still falls short. Three clubbing shots from Burns makes contact this time! Burns 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Counter jab lands clean for Selby. Selby bounces around from side to side and trades jabs with Burns. Burns lands a jab upstairs and Selby looks to reset. Long left hook from Burns misses wide. Counter left hook from Selby clips Burns, followed by a right hand after he pivots. Another clean left hook lands well for Selby to the head. Two more hooks come from Selby, followed by a hook to the body. Right hand lands clean for Burns who presses forward through the shots but gets pushed down by Selby. Now Selby lands a shot just after the bell so Burns takes exception to the late punch and throws one of his own! Selby 10-9.

Round 6: The referee has a talk with both fighters before they start the 6th and they touch gloves. Selby throws a jab and then just slips a big right hook from Burns. Selby bounces to the side and evades a wide hook from Burns. Jab lands for Selby. Burns misses on a lead right hand as Selby ducks the punch. Short right uppercut lands on the inside for Selby. Another clean jab from Selby splits Burns’ guard. Two punches from Selby land behind the head and he gets a warning from the referee about it. Both fighters trade and land jabs on one another. Referee calls a timeout to give Burns a moment to recover from an accidental low blow. Check hook gets in for Selby again. Selby 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Accidental head clash to start the round but it doesn’t look like either fighter is cut. Burns loads up on two punches that don’t find the mark. Selby probes with his jab but then eats a clean shot from Burns. Burns tries to time a counter left hook that just misses. Now Burns lands a straight right hand upstairs. Hook from Burns gets blocked upstairs by Selby this time. Selby starts working his jab again. Both fighters get tangled and throw shots with their free hand. I think Burns landed the most telling shots of the round. Burns 10-9.

Round 8: Burns comes out stalking and Selby lands a half-hearted jab. Selby comes forward behind three punches that don’t quite land clean. Burns misses on one big left hook but then makes partial contact on a second. Selby ducks a left hook from Burns. Selby throws three punches as Burns covers up. Burns jumps in behind a couple of sloppy punches and then leans on Selby’s head. Selby lands a clean jab upstairs, then throws a shot to the body. Selby starts backing up Burns with his jab before they find themselves tangled up again. Selby lands a clean left hook right at the bell! Burns didn’t like it. Selby 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Both fighters touch gloves to start the round. Burns misses on a jab and then tries to throw punches on the inside as Selby ties him up. Double jab from Burns falls short. Selby throws three punches and makes pretty good contact. Burns throws a quick flurry of punches that was really ineffective. Burns misses on a big left hook to the body. Two short right hands land inside for Selby during a clinch. Right hand from Selby sneaks behind Burns’ guard. Right hand to the body scores for Selby. Burns throws some punches on the inside with his right hand. I think Selby is doing the cleaner work. Selby 10-9.

Round 10: Both fighters miss on punches and get tangled right away. Short left hook counter lands for Selby upstairs. Burns charges forward behind two straight shots that don’t find the target. Burns walks into another Selby check hook. Combination comes from Selby before Burns forces a break by the referee. Another left hand sneaks in and finds Burns’ face. Burns lands a clean shot now but Selby comes back and pushes him to the ropes with a few punches. Clean jab lands for Selby upstairs. Right hook to the body lands clean for Burns following a break. Selby 10-9, 97-93.

Round 11: The fighters come out with more intensity in this round and try to trade punches. Burns continues to try in loop in this Marcos Maidana right hand that hasn’t really been working for him in this fight. Jab lands clean for Burns but Selby fires right back. Both fighters get tangled and throw shots inside the clinch. Burns pushes Selby to the ropes but can’t get much done before another break is called. Both fighters trade and land. Burns tries to get in whatever he can on the inside and Selby tries to do the same. Chopping right makes pretty decent contact for Burns this time. I think Burns edges this one. Burns 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters share a brief embrace before they start throwing punches again. Burns get in a clean shot that gets Selby’s attention. Another sweeping right hand lands for Burns. Burns gets emboldened and tries to go down to the body this time with a hook. Burns gets in another right hand upstairs. Selby throws a right hook that gets blocked. Now Selby tries to dig down to the body but doesn’t land much clean. Right hand from Burns gets blocked. Burns jumps in behind two punches that push Selby to the ropes. Burns leans on Selby along the ropes and tries to work both hands. Selby tries to free his right hand so he can throw some shots. Clean right hand lands again for Burns. Selby gets in a shot right before the bell. Burns 10-9, but I’ve got Selby up on the cards after 12 rounds, 115-113.

Yves Ngabu vs Lawrence Okolie

Round 1: Okolie tries to measure with his long jab to start the round before looking downstairs with a straight right. Ngabu presses Okolie to the ropes but Okolie forces a break straightaway. Ngabu misses on an overhand right. Two body shots land pretty clean for Okolie. Lead left hook from Okolie gets blocked by Ngabu. Now Okolie throws both hands and makes some pretty solid contact despite Ngabu covering up. Okolie gets away with land two hooks during a break by the referee. Now Ngabu strangely gets some strange warning by the referee. Right hand scores to the body for Okolie at the bell. Okolie 10-9.

Round 2: Right hand to the body partially lands for Okolie before he grabs hold of Ngabu and forces a break to get back to the outside. Ngabu partially lands a left hook on the inside. Both fighters miss on punches and wind up in another clinch. This has the looks to be one of those fights with not a lot of clean, sustained action. Okolie tries a right uppercut from mid-range but can’t quite land it clean. Right hook comes from Okolie as Ngabu walks straight in. Ngabu misses on a lead left hook upstairs. Right hand counter lands for Okolie, who then tries to turn over a few more big shots with both hands with only middling success. Left hand lands to the body for Okolie just before the bell. Okolie 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Jab comes from Okolie to start the round. Now Okolie tries to poke the jab down to the body to keep Ngabu at arms length. Left hook from Okolie gets blocked by Ngabu. Ngabu is having a hard time getting into punching range without Okolie tying him up and forcing the referee to break them. Check hook keeps Ngabu’s hands at home but still presses forward but gets pushed down to the canvas — no knockdown. Jab lands for Ngabu upstairs. Okolie looks for another counter right hand that grazes Ngabu. Double left hand comes from Okolie as Ngabu anticipates a break that doesn’t come. Seems to me the action is favoring Okolie. Okolie 10-9.

Round 4: Jab misses for Ngabu to start the round. Ngabu gets too close and Okolie ties him up again. Okolie scores a right hand to the body. Right hook from Okolie misses at close range as both fighters smother themselves. Short left hand makes pretty good contact to the body for Okolie this time. Ngabu just can’t find his distance to get off clean punches — he’s either too far or too close. Ngabu walks forward into another left hand from Okolie. One-two comes from Okolie and Ngabu gets in a right hand shortly after. Okolie 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Two jabs come from Okolie to start the round. Big right hook from Ngabu glances off Okolie’s head! Okolie fires right back and lands a shot of his own. Both fighters are tied up on the inside once again until the referee breaks them once again. Now Ngabu gets in a right uppercut on the inside. Okolie throws a short combination that includes a body shot. Right hand lands over the top for Okolie. Counter right lands again for Okolie, who then grabs on of Ngabu’s arms on the inside. Better round for Ngabu but I still think Okolie takes it. Okolie 10-9.

Round 6: Okolie is actually pressing early in this round but once a break is forced it’s Ngabu looking to gain his forward momentum. Combination comes from Ngabu at close range. Okolie tries to throw some of his own but Ngabu manages to evade the shots. Both fighters are right back in another clinch and once the referee breaks them Okolie looks to get back to his long arm jab. Ngabu lands a short left hand on the inside. Left hand lands on the inside again for Ngabu. Ngabu 10-9, 55-59.

Round 7: Referee gives a talk to both fighters at center ring before they start this round. Ngabu ducks a shot from Okolie but misses on his counter. Now Okolie leans on Ngabu’s neck and pushes down on him. Counter right hand lands clean for Okolie. Left to the body lands for Okolie, who holds once again and gets a quick word from the referee about it. Counter right scores for Okolie again. Okolie is throwing a lot more than Ngabu in this round. BIG RIGHT HAND FROM OKOLIE STAGGERS NGABU TO THE ROPES AND THE REFEREE IMMEDIATELY JUMPS IN TO STOP IT! Okolie TKO-7.

Today at 2 pm ET streaming live on DAZN in the US and airing on Sky Box Office in the UK, Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor unify 140-pound titles in the main event and final round matchup of the World Boxing Super Series tournament.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call for the four main fights of the card.

Prograis, 30, and Taylor, 28, are both in-prime, unbeaten, exciting fighters who have fought their way to being considered two of the best in the world at junior welterweight. The winner will have two belts, and also will potentially be in position to move up to welterweight for a big fight, so there’s more than just what’s on the surface at stake here.

On the undercard, we’ll see heavyweights Dereck Chisora and David Price do battle, Ricky Burns taking on Lee Selby at lightweight, Yves Ngabu defending the European cruiserweight title against Lawrence Okolie, and Conor Benn returning in a welterweight matchup against Steve Jamoye.

Full Card (DAZN, 2:00 pm ET)

  • Swing: Shannon Courtenay (3-0, 1 KO) vs Melinda Habran (0-1, 0 KO), bantamweights, 4 rounds
  • Conor Benn (15-0, 10 KO) vs Steve Jamoye (26-7-2, 5 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Yves Ngabu (20-0, 14 KO) vs Lawrence Okolie (13-0, 10 KO), cruiserweights, 12 rounds
  • Ricky Burns (43-7-1, 16 KO) vs Lee Selby (27-2, 9 KO), lightweights, 12 rounds
  • Dereck Chisora (31-9, 22 KO) vs David Price (25-6, 20 KO), heavyweights, 12 rounds
  • Regis Prograis (24-0, 20 KO) vs Josh Taylor (15-0, 12 KO), junior welterweights, 12 rounds

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