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Blair Cobbs: I’m the baddest, most exciting man in boxing today

The welterweight is looking to impress a big audience on Saturday.

Amanda Westcott/DAZN

Blair Cobbs hasn’t yet fought on the big stage, and when he does on Saturday, it won’t be against any sort of elite opponent.

But the 29-year-old Cobbs (12-0-1, 8 KO) will have the biggest audience of his career against Carlos Ortiz (11-4, 11 KO) on the Canelo-Kovalev card, opening the DAZN main card at 9 pm ET, and that’s got him amped up even more than usual.

If he’s got one thing down pat, it’s talking a good game.

”I was born with this confidence, I was born with this flair, I was born with everything that we have here,” he said on Tuesday at the Grand Arrivals. “I was born for this moment. I am Blair ‘The Flair.’”

Cobbs, 29, didn’t stop there in talking himself up, adding, ”It’s the opportunity for me to take over. Take over the show, the whole world. Millions around the world are going to see the baddest, the most exciting man in boxing today — Blair ‘The Flair’ Cobbs.”

Asked what he would show the fans, he said, ”Shock and awe. You’re going to be shocked at everything that you see coming out of Blair ‘The Flair,’ you’re going to be raising to the edge of your seats every time you see Blair ‘The Flair.’ Look out for me because I am the best in boxing today.”

Cobbs will have the chance to show something on Saturday. Whether boxing fans take to his persona on a stage larger than “B-level” shows remains to be seen, but he’s certainly not going to leave anyone without an opinion on him.

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