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Tyson Fury gets into it with Braun Strowman on WWE Smackdown on FOX

The LINEAL!!! champ got involved on WWE’s debut on FOX.

Tyson Fury, advertised nicely as the LINEAL!!! heavyweight champion of the world, was shown in the crowd on tonight’s big WWE Smackdown premiere on FOX, and then — y’know, because he’s Tyson Fury — he took the chance to have some fun and get involved in the show, getting into a confrontation of sorts involving WWE star Braun Strowman and a security team.

Here’s the setup:

And here’s the part specifically involving Fury:

Fury is, similar to pro wrestlers, a larger than life personality, so of all the boxers in the game today to get involved in a WWE angle, he’d probably be high on the list of those you suspect. Plus it’s good promotion, and Top Rank can use anything that makes Fury a bigger star, even if it means showcasing him in pro wrestling on what is a rival network boxing-wise.

Plus, if Wilder-Fury II goes ahead in Feb. 2020, that figures to be a FOX/ESPN co-promotion, so no harm in getting him out there. It’s unlikely to make a bunch of wrestling fans want to watch boxing if they don’t already, but it also never hurts to try.

Anyway, that’s that. A silly thing that happened. Try to relax, it’s just a post on a web site. We all know rasslin is make believe.

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