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Dana White talks Zuffa potentially buying PBC, boxing’s ‘broken model’

The UFC boss says that Zuffa Boxing is coming.

UFC Fight Night Andrade v Zhang Photo by Zhe Ji/Getty Images

The hyper pumped Dana White, the combustible deal-maker, came on the Randy and Gerry “At the Fights” Sirius XM show and spoke about his plans to enter pugilism.

The UFC head honcho said that he started out loving boxing, and that’s how he slid into mixed martial arts. He told the hosts that he learned reffing from Mitch Halpern, and after taking up jiu jitsu, he went deeper into MMA.

White said that yes, his feuding with Oscar De La Hoya is real, and no, he didn’t play it up for press.

He said that it’s crazy that Canelo-Sergey Kovalev is set for the same night as a UFC event. He said him and De La Hoya used to be cool, but his relationship went awry when Oscar Tweeted out not to watch the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor event.

He said Oscar tried to do MMA and he called the boxing ex-champ “an absolute douche.”

”The new Oscar is a scumbag, a liar, and a complete moron,” White, a Las Vegas resident, thundered.

”[Bob] Arum’s an asshole, too,” White stated.

And might Zuffa buy Premier Boxing Champions?

“I’m figuring out what to do. I’ve met with literally everybody in the sport, minus Arum and De La Hoya.”

He called the system and model “broken,” and would like to spend money to build up boxing. White, age 50, said all the top heavyweights need to be fighting each other.

“There’s enough money out there for everybody,” he said.

He said he wouldn’t recognize sanctioning bodies, and the UFC belt is credible, because the best fight the best in that league.

He said he has the balls to be the “fix it” guy. And when will he start? He’s been flirting for a couple years. White said “boxing is a big part of our future plans.” First, he will dip a toe, then maybe a foot, then maybe dive all in.

Would he maybe make an Amanda Nunes vs Claressa Shields bout? Possibly, he said. He’s open minded, he shared to Gordon and Cooney.

’”Every time they promote a fight, it’s like a going out of business sale, to try and grab as much money as they can and run,” he said, continuing his critique of the sweet science.

White said they will put boxing on UFC Fight Pass, and also have a “TV” deal. Cooney did well to press White on what TV or platform he will go with. White laughed and said he couldn’t divulge.

“I hired a guy, he starts this month,” and he and mystery guy will hash out plans, White stated.

”I can guarantee you I will be working with Al Haymon,” he said, when pressed by Cooney if he’d buy PBC. He also said he had a great meeting with Eddie Hearn, and he could see himself doing business with the Brit.

This month or next month, he will hold a presser to announce more specific plans with his entry into boxing, he stated.

My three cents: White came off solid, and I wonder, what do you think about White and Zuffa going into boxing?

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