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Lou DiBella: Sergiy Derevyanchenko won the fight against Gennadiy Golovkin

The promoter believes his fighter truly deserved the nod against GGG.

Gennady Golovkin v Sergiy Derevyanchenko Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Promoter Lou DiBella is well-known for being outspoken and incredibly passionate about his fighters, so it’s no surprise that he truly believes that his guy, Sergiy Derevyanchenko, deserved the nod in a narrow loss to Gennadiy Golovkin on Saturday night.

DiBella spoke with media after the fights concluded at Madison Square Garden.

“[He was] punishing GGG, while he was fighting, blood pouring down his face. And by the way, credit to a great cutman in there, because that was incredible work,” DiBella said. “I feel terrible for him, because — I’m not gonna use the ‘robbery’ word, but I know who won the fight. I know who won the fight.”

Asked if he thought Derevyanchenko (13-2, 10 KO) did better than he expected, DiBella laughed and said he told people all week that he felt his fighter was going to win.

“I don’t bet on fights where I’m involved in the promotion, and I didn’t bet on this fight tonight,” he said. “But if I was a betting man and I didn’t have Sergiy, I would’ve been all over 4-to-1 on this fight.”

Continuing on the thought of the betting odds and the outcome, DiBella remarked, “A lot of people got a gift. A lot of people got fucked here.”

More GGG-Derevyanchenko post-fight:

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