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Jermell Charlo: I’m still ruthless

Charlo discusses his upcoming rematch with Tony Harrison on December 21.

Jermell Charlo takes some time to chat with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about his upcoming rematch with Tony Harrison as he looks to regain his WBC world title on December 21. Check out some excerpts from the interview below...

Charlo on the big diamond necklace he’s rocking:

“I been having this chain for about roughly two years now. I do the right things, I just upgraded.

“Everything that’s on me real and like I said, I upgraded. I put 10-pointers in the middle of each link so it’s pretty dope, it’s pretty decent, it’s expensive, and these are the fruits of my labor.

“Of course it’s heavy, it’s not a normal chain, and not every boxer can afford it.”

On if he ever gets scared to walk around with so much money on his neck:

“I ain’t scare of nothing. Wassup?!”

And with the appraisal of Charlo’s jewelry done, we get down to the business of his rematch with Tony Harrison, and how it’s been waiting a full year for a shot to reclaim his title:

“I mean everything flowing the right way. I mean the last few years I fought twice a year...I’m satisfied with the way things are going. I fought — regardless of [Harrison’s] delinquency — I fought and I’m active and I’m training hard and I’m ready to go. He should be upset. He hasn’t fought in a year and he made no money in a year, so he got problems if he ain’t use his money wisely. I’m good.”

On what he makes of Harrison stalling the rematch with an ankle injury:

“Thank you for that question. He told you in Mexico [that he had ligament damage]. He didn’t have surgery. What you think about that? He didn’t have surgery, he supposedly pulled out of a fight before the fight, and he talked a whole bunch of shit at this press conference...then all the sudden he didn’t come out June 23rd to fight me, because he had to have surgery and faked the injury and I put it out on blast...

“Now he comes outs saying he’s good to go — what was the purpose of pausing? ‘Cause you thought that maybe I need to fight someone else? I did. I blasted him in three, sleeped him in three. All he did was added fuel to the fire. The torch is lit. And if you put that torch next to gas, what happen? Everything else catch on fire, and his ass his gas, and we finna blaze his motherfuckin’ ass. That’s it! It’s what I say and how I feel. And if he like it or not, he gotta deal with it. I’m not gonna stop being who I am. I won that first fight...”

On what he plans to do differently in the rematch with Harrison believing he has his number:

“You can’t have somebody’s number if they continuing to get better. I’m proving points. I’m what I am and what I say I am. I do what I say I’ma do...I believe in my skills, I believe in everything about me, and there’s nothing that I have to change too too much ‘cause I beat his ass the first time. All we need is better judging. He can’t be in my head. I’m in my own head, I got this together. I’m good. And if he has that mentality, he won’t make it out nice...

“I know one thing that I’m not gonna do — I’m not gonna let somebody just take nothing from me again...Why am I better? What makes me better? I’m more conscious of this shit now. Before you met me and all these other things, running around, chasing the Charlos around trying to get interviews, I was a reckless, ruthless dude. Still ruthless as shit, but now I’m conscious. It’s a big difference. Just that alone gonna make a big difference.”

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