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Eddie Hearn: Beating Andy Ruiz Jr. isn’t rocket science

The Matchroom promoter breaks down what Anthony Joshua will have to do differently in their rematch.

Fight Hub TV catches up with Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn to discuss the upcoming rematch between unified heavyweight titleholder Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua. Check out some of his thoughts on the fight and where he thinks both fighters are currently at...

On what Joshua must do differently to win the rematch:

“He’s got to use his feet more, got to use his jab more. He’s not got to hook with him, with his chin in the air, recklessly. You know, it’s straightforward things. It’s not rocket science, how to beat Andy Ruiz. What’s tougher to do is doing it.

“It’s all well saying ‘keep it long, hurt him, tie him up, back you go’ but you’ve got to keep doing that over time. And can he do that over 12 rounds? I think maybe he’s got to try and take him out but I’m just fascinated by the fight. I think the whole world will be and who knows what will happen.”

On where he thinks Ruiz is at mentally:

“No one knows. I mean, he may be in a great place, he may be complacent — he’s now rich. But he’s a competitor. He’s a boxing guy, you know? I don’t expect him to start taking it easy. He’s got a great opportunity, Andy Ruiz. If he beats Joshua he’s in a great position to go on and could be in megafights all over the world. So there’s a lot in play in this fight.”

On where Joshua is at mentally:

“I think he’s in a good place. I think he’s in a much better place now than he was for the first fight, in terms of his preparation. But he has suffered his first defeat — you know, it’s gonna take a lot to come through that.

“He wanted to fight Wilder, you know? And everyone was talking about that, they weren’t talking about the Andy Ruiz fight. Miller failed three drug tests, he’s got this opponent coming in, everyone telling him ‘this is gonna be an easy fight, look at him, irs Andy Ruiz,’ and he knew it was gonna be a real fight — as did terms of his motivation now, it’s like 10x what it was on June the 1st. But it doesn’t mean he’s gonna win, just ‘cause you’re motivated. You’ve got to execute. And one thing he’s very good at is executing the game plan, and I believe he’ll do that in Saudi.”

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