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Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury only has two big fights on his résumé, I’m going to knock him out in rematch

Deontay Wilder is confident that he’ll get Tyson Fury out if/when they meet again in a few months.

Following last night’s knockout win over Luis Ortiz, Deontay Wilder is now gearing up to return in February for a rematch with Tyson Fury, or at least that’s the stated plan for the time being.

At last night’s post-fight press conference, Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KO) was asked about Fury’s trainer Ben Davison saying he’s seen holes in Wilder’s game that Fury can take advantage of, which is reasonable, there are surely holes in Wilder’s game, and Wilder is aware of that.

But he’s also not worried about it.

“Each and every fight, every fighter — we see different holes, we see different things. You’re not gonna be perfect in a fight, no one is,” Wilder said. “I hope he took notes and carries it back to this camp, because I’m gonna knock Fury out like I did the first time. Point blank period.

“I’m not worried about anything anyone says. I’m proven. These guys, if they were so sure about certain things and if they seen so much, he would’ve took the rematch immediately. I’m not around here running around doing 100,000 things. I was the one that demanded the rematch as soon as possible, especially when it was a controversial decision. I’m the one fighting the best of the best in the division. I don’t see no other fighters risking any fights.

“Last time I checked, Fury only had two big fights on his résumé, and that’s a win against a Klitschko and a knockout against me. And the last two was against up and coming fighters. Look at me, I’m putting my title on the line each and every time.

“I’m only getting better and better and better with the timing and setting up these fights. Come February, I hope they’re ready, because I’m ready. I’m in great shape. This is gonna be a quick turnaround for me, I haven’t done this since the beginning of my career, and this is only going to make me better — fighting the opposition that I’m fighting, doing it often, and getting ready to go back in there February again. I wish those guys good luck, I hope Ben took a lot of notes, because I’m ready.”

As far as Wilder repeatedly saying he knocked Fury out, he’s not saying he won by knockout, just that he knocked Fury out in the 12th round, which I’m quite certain he did despite Fury getting up and finishing the fight by virtue of being a madman or alien.

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