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German Caicedo picks Deontay Wilder to knockout Tyson Fury in rematch

The trainer breaks down the Wilder-Ortiz rematch and then predicts what will happen when Wilder takes on Fury next.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the aftermath of Luis Ortiz’s second knockout loss to Deontay Wilder last weekend, Ortiz’s trainer German Caicedo breaks down how things fell apart for them before talking about Wilder’s chances against the rest of the heavyweight division.

On the crowd seemingly rooting for Ortiz during the Wilder rematch:

“I’m not surprised that people love Luis. He’s a guy that’s giving you an honest assertion of himself, letting you into his life, he’s an open book. He’s gonna try to fight, he’s not gonna lay down, he’s not gonna quit, he’s not gonna look for an excuse to not fight. He’s gonna fight and that’s what the people want — somebody that’s gonna come in there and is gonna fight, and is really either gonna go out swinging or get the knockout, and that’s what he does.”

On what Ortiz told him about the shot that knocked him out:

“He didn’t even see it. He didn’t even see it. He kinda slipped a check maybe, like one of the wild ones that Wilder throws, and he was like checking that and it came right in and he didn’t even see it. And so, you can’t defend it when you can’t see it.”

On if he thought the referee gave Ortiz a fair count after the knockdown:

“The count was — listen, the ref, you can’t blame him. He probably thought in his head ‘I have no clue what time it is and Wilder can come in here and do a lot of damage, let me just stop it now.’ That’s ‘A’. But ‘B’ could’ve been that we knew that the hammer had hit and it was maybe about eight, seven seconds left — give the two guys that deserve a shot to really, really finish it definitively. He got up, so it can go both ways. I understand both. I prefer the second.”

On what happens when Wilder rematches Fury:

“He knocks Fury out. Yeah. He’s only getting more confident...This is a boulder, one of those big snow boulders that’s growing and growing, rolling downhill, that’s gonna destroy the little town at the bottom. And anyone at the bottom is gonna get bulldozed, and everyone’s at the bottom, he’s at the top.

“So if [Anthony] Joshua fights him, Joshua is gonna get knocked out in one round — not six, not eight, not ten. One round. It’s gonna be one round just like Breazeale. Fury might last a few more rounds because obviously he’s shake n’ bake, but he’s gonna get knocked out.”

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