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Valdez vs Lopez: Live streaming results, round by round, and discussion

Oscar Valdez, Carl Frampton, and Carlos Adames are back on ESPN+.

Top Rank


Round By Round

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

Round 1: Valdez comes out but is short with a jab. Valdez lands a clean jab this time as he steps forward. Lopez flicks out two measuring jabs as he tries to maintain distance. Double jab makes pretty good contact for Lopez. Lopez tries a one-two and makes partial contact. Hard right hand lands to the body for Valdez, who gets Lopez retreating. Now a left hand lands to the body for Valdez. Two hooks land upstairs for Valdez. Hard right hand lands to the body for Valdez this time. Clean left hook lands upstairs for Valdez. Lopez throws a short combination in return but he doesn’t seem to really have Valdez’s respect yet. Valdez 10-9.

Round 2: Lopez comes out using a jab to keep Valdez off of him as Valdez stalks him around the ring. Valdez tries a right hand to the body but Lopez throws three in return to get off the ropes. One-two comes from Lopez. Jab lands for Lopez but Valdez lands two in return. Jab lands for Valdez again, followed by a grazing right hand over the top. NOW LOPEZ LANDS A LEFT HOOK THAT PUTS VALDEZ DOWN! Valdez gets up and Lopez tries to go on the attack but Valdez seems to have his legs under him. Lopez 10-8.

Round 3: Valdez comes out on the attack to start the round and clips Lopez with a right hand upstairs. Jab to the body lands for Lopez. Both fighters trade jabs at center ring and both make pretty good contact. Right hand over the top partially lands for Valdez. Left hook partially lands for Valdez upstairs. Right to the body scores for Valdez. Clean left hook lands on the chin of Lopez. Valdez throws a flurry to end the round. Valdez 10-9.

Round 4: Valdez starts by flashing several jabs upstairs. Uppercut lands on the inside for Lopez. Now Lopez tries to put a couple punches together before Valdez takes the play away and lets go some of his power punches. Jab and right hand partially land for Valdez. Hard right hook lands clean to the head of Lopez. Left to the body lands for Valdez, then a right hand. Lopez throws three punches to the body as Valdez covers up. Right hook lands to the head of Lopez again. Valdez lands another hard shot upstairs before the bell. I like Valdez’s power shots. Valdez 10-9, 38-37.

Round 5: Right hand lands to the body for Valdez but Lopez responds with a couple of clean punches himself. Both fighters trade, with Lopez getting in a right uppercut. Right hand counter lands for Valdez. Hard left to the body lands for Valdez now. Right hand over the top gets caught by Lopez’s glove this time. Double jab scores to the body for Lopez. Lopez jabs upstairs. Valdez misses on a few jabs and Lopez comes back with several punches in quick succession. Lopez 10-9.

Round 6: A couple of clean body shots land for Lopez to start the round. Jab lands clean for Lopez, who then ducks down and slips a shot from Valdez. Jab lands clean for Lopez again. Check hook lands for Valdez this time. Now Valdez lands a jab at center ring. Lopez presses Valdez towards the ropes but Valdez manages to get back to center ring before Lopez lands a clean counter shot to the head. Lopez slips two shots at close range from Valdez. Right hand from Valdez partially lands but I like Lopez’s work in this round. Lopez 10-9, 57-56.

Round 7: Valdez tries an overhand right but doesn’t land it clean. Lopez landsa shot that puts Valdez back in the corner momentarily. Right hook to the body partially lands for Valdez. Check left hook lands clean for Valdez and hurts Lopez, who stumbles to the canvas! Lopez gets up and says he wants to continue and Valdez wants to jump on him! Overhand right misses for Valdez. Two more hooks make contact for Valdez who throws a long combination of punches but Lopez weathers the storm. Lopez is bleeding from his nose now and another flurry of shots come from Valdez that stagger Lopez and the referee immediately jumps in to stop the fight. People are going to debate whether that was an early stoppage. Valdez TKO-7.

Carl Frampton vs Tyler McCreary

Round 1: McCreary leads with a few jabs that don’t land. Now McCreary tries a jab to the body that falls short. Frampton returns with a jab to the body but McCreary blocks it. Frampton tries a hook upstairs but McCreary blocks that one too. Double jab from McCreary misses. Neither fighter has landed clean midway through the first round. Check hook misses as Frampton ducks underneath. Now McCreary partially lands a check hook as Frampton comes in. Clean jab lands for Frampton upstairs. Right hand scores to the body for Frampton. Frampton throws a short combination as McCreary covers up. I’m going to slightly edge the round to Frampton for his work down the stretch. Frampton 10-9.

Round 2: McCreary misses on a jab upstairs to start the round. Frampton tries a left hand to the body and head but doesn’t land either with much authority. Double jab from Frampton falls short but he backs McCreary to the ropes where McCreary ties up Frampton to force a break. Frampton gets in close range and throws a right hook to the body. Now a left hook lands to the body for Frampton, who is starting to do better work at this range. Frampton scores a body shot and McCreary tries to throw a short combination in return to get Frampton’s respect. Right hand lands to the body for Frampton. Two more go to the body for Frampton. Frampton 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Jab from McCreary doesn’t find the target. Now Frampton throws a double left hand and tries to follow it up with a straight right. Two more body shots come from Frampton as McCreary tries to step back to create more space. Right hand lands clean for Frampton over the top. McCreary covers up on the ropes and fights his way back to center ring. Double jab comes from Frampton but doesn’t land it clean. Right hand lead misses from McCreary as Frampton ducks out of the way. Hard right hand scores for Frampton at the end of a combination. Frampton 10-9.

Round 4: Jab misses for McCreary. Frampton throws a jab and a right hand but McCreary steps out of range. Short hook lands on the inside for Frampton. Counter right from McCreary just misses. McCreary grabs hold of Frampton at center ring, forcing a break. Left hook lands for Frampton on the inside. Counter right from McCreary glances off Frampton. Now Frampton throws two to the body followed by a hook to the head of McCreary. Frampton pushes McCreary back to the ropes and touches him with a right hand to the body. Right hand lead lands for Frampton just before the bell. Frampton 10-9. 40-36.

Round 5: McCreary’s corner is really anxious and urging him to stop getting pushed back by Frampton. McCreary lands two clean hooks to the body but Frampton gets one back just moments later. Right hook lands to the body for Frampton. Clean left hook lands to the body for McCreary, who looks like he’s fading to me. Well placed left hook lands to the body for Frampton! McCreary is badly hurt from that body shot and retreats back to the opposite rope. McCreary tries to fight Frampton off of him by going to the body himself but he’s not at strong right now. Frampton measures with a jab and then tries a right hand that McCreary counters. Frampton 10-9.

Round 6: Frampton comes out aggresively, chasing McCreary down with a body shot and McCreary takes a knee! McCreary gets up at the count of nine and wants to continue. Frampton goes back down to the body with a couple more shots and McCreary is covering up as tightly as possible. Short uppercut partially lands for McCreary on the inside. Frampton clubs McCreary with an overhand right. Frampton throws a combination and McCreary holds along the ropes. Right hand to the body lands for Frampton. Right hand lead lands for Frampton to end the round. Frampton 10-8.

Round 7: Frampton comes right on the inside and throws a combination before McCreary throws a long flurry of punches, eventually landing a shot that hurts Frampton to the body! Frampton stands in and McCreary looks like he might’ve blown his load to start this round. Frampton throws a right hand that backs McCreary up momentarily. Frampton partially lands a right hand at the bell but what the hell, I’m going to put McCreary on the board for that early work. McCreary 10-9.

Round 8: Left lands to the body for Frampton. Jab lands for Frampton at mid-range now, before landing a right hand to the body. Counter left hand misses for McCreary after Frampton touches him with a left hand. Another right hand comes from Frampton this time, then another from a different angle as McCreary covers up. Right hand lead lands clean for Frampton. Now Frampton lands a jab that follows a lead right, forcing McCreary back to the ropes. Frampton 10-9, 79-72.

Round 9: Frampton falls short on a jab to the body. Right hand to the body scores well for Frampton. Another hard right hand lands clean for Frampton to the body. Frampton has consistently found a home for that right hand to the body and puts in another one for good measure. Frampton is beating up McCreary as he covers up along the ropes. DOUBLE LEFT HOOK LANDS TO THE LIVER AND MCCREARY GRMICES AND TAKES ANOTHER KNEE! McCreary beats the count but takes more shots from Frampton who is chasing him down. McCreary ties up Frampton on the ropes and gets a literal second to catch his breath. Another left to the body scores for Frampton. Another clean left to the body scores for Frampton at the bell. Frampton 10-8.

Round 10: Last round. Frampton comes out and attacks McCreary, who immediately retreats to the ropes. Frampton lands a low blow and McCreary gets a moment to compose himself. Frampton is chasing McCreary around the ring and McCreary tries to time a counter left hook but he can’t keep pace with Frampton because he’s already been weakened. Combination comes from Frampton with McCreary in the corner. Right hand lands clean to the body for Frampton. McCreary lands two body shots of his own and Frampton takes a moment to walk it off. Right hand counter lands for McCreary. Frampton talks out the rest of the round. I still think Frampton takes it. Frampton 10-9, 99-89.

Tonight at 6:30 pm ET for the prelims and 10:00 pm ET for the main card, all streaming live on ESPN+, Top Rank Boxing is back with the returns of Oscar Valdez, Carl Frampton, and Carlos Adames from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call for the main card at 10 ET.

Valdez, a former featherweight titleholder, is moving up to 130 for a fight with Adam Lopez, who was originally set for a prelim bout before original Valdez opponent Andres Gutierrez missed weight by an absurd amount.

Frampton, former titleholder at 122 and 126, will take on undefeated Tyler McCreary in the co-feature. And the interim WBO junior middleweight title will be on the line between Adames and once-beaten Patrick Teixeira, with the winner essentially becoming the new WBO titleholder once they likely make that decision at their next convention, with Jaime Munguia moving up to middleweight.

Prelims (ESPN+, 6:30 pm ET)

  • Carlos Adames (18-0, 14 KO) vs Patrick Teixeira (30-1, 22 KO), junior middleweights, 12 rounds
  • Arnold Barboza Jr (22-0, 9 KO) vs William Silva (27-2, 15 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Andy Hiraoka (14-0, 9 KO) vs Rogelio Casarez (13-8, 5 KO), junior welterweights, 8 rounds
  • Brian Mendoza (18-0, 13 KO) vs Larry Gomez (9-1, 8 KO), welterweights, 8 rounds
  • Guido Vianello (5-0, 5 KO) vs Colby Madison (8-1-2, 5 KO), heavyweights, 6 rounds
  • Jared Anderson (1-0, 1 KO) vs Stephen Kirnon (2-2-1, 1 KO), heavyweights, 4 rounds
  • Xander Zayas (1-0, 1 KO) vs Virgel Windfield (2-2-1, 2 KO), welterweights, 4 rounds

Main Card (ESPN+, 10:00 pm ET)

  • Oscar Valdez (26-0, 20 KO) vs Adam Lopez (13-1, 6 KO), super featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Carl Frampton (26-2, 15 KO) vs Tyler McCreary (16-0-1, 7 KO), featherweights, 10 rounds

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