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Bob Arum expects “in excess of two million buys” for Wilder vs Fury 2

The veteran promoter is aiming high for the February rematch.

Bob Arum was wowed by Fury-Wilder 3 like everyone else Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Looking ahead to the not that distant future, 2020 is breathing down our neck. Mercy, we hope that it will do so gently, not with bilious breath but softer, sweeter, promising tidings and blessings.

To that end, Bob Arum came on the Everlast TALKBOX podcast and we discussed coming attractions, such as the planned for rematch between Tyson Fury and the Alabama-based cleanup hitter Deontay Wilder.

The clash will run on pay-per-view, a practice I don’t adore, but understand the presence of, within the framework of capitalism and the undeniable certainty that we are a rebel sport, not to be embraced by the masses to the point that we can enjoy the surround sound acceptance which gives more revenue stream support to less violent sports.

“Do me a favor, just don’t set the pay-per-view at $100,” I asked of Arum.

“No, it won’t be $100. Al Haymon and I talked about, it’ll be a lot less than $100,” Arum answered.

“Good, good. Less is more. Let more people in. Not everyone has the extra cash, man,” I told the Las Vegas deal-maker.

“With ESPN and FOX backing the promotion, and with Comcast really, and the cable systems really enthusiastic, I’m looking at doing in excess of two million pay-per-view buys,” he said.

Me, I’m no boffo business-man, I come from the standpoint of being a fan, the guy who isn’t enthusiastic about opening the envelope sent by the cable company in the weeks after I ordered a PPV. So, I am always hopeful that the powers that be allow that small side of themselves that isn’t desirous of making the largest possible return on an investment consider us, the bottom 95%.

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