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Tyson Fury: I’d love to have Anthony Joshua in camp

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Fury hopes to take Joshua up on his offer.

Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Well, that shows how much I know. Hours after I wrote that I doubted that Tyson Fury would take Anthony Joshua up on his sparring offer, Fury has done exactly that. In a video message posted on his Instagram story today, Fury says he heard Joshua’s offer to help him prepare for his rematch against Deontay Wilder and indeed hopes he joins his training camp.

“I’ve just seen the video of Joshua saying he’d love to come and help me in camp and that I’d fight him quicker than Wilder, that’s for sure,” Fury said via an Instagram post Tuesday. “When I beat Wilder I will fight you A.J., no problem.

”I would love to have you in camp, really, really love to have in camp to work out for this fight and give Deontay Wilder a proper beating. I hope you mean it, because I’d love to have you in training camp with me.”

Fury is currently scheduled to fight Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020 in Las Vegas, although a specific venue has not yet been decided. Fury and Wilder previously fought to a high controversial draw in their first meeting, with most everyone believing Fury should’ve won that fight on points despite suffering two knockdowns.

Do you think Fury having Joshua in camp will be a good idea, especially if they plan to fight one another shortly after?