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Virgil Hunter says there could be some slippage in Vasiliy Lomachenko, gives Gervonta Davis a good chance to beat him

Hunter breaks down his thoughts on a potential Lomachenko-Davis fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with our friends at Fight Hub TV, trainer Virgil Hunter fields questions about why he sees in Vasiliy Lomachenko recently, and if he’s showing some signs of decline. Check it out...

Hunter on if Lomachenko is becoming more vulnerable or if it just looks that way because he’s fighting bigger guys:

“Well, you know, you get into his age and his style of fighting where his legs are his main attributes in fights. His legs get him into position, get him out of position, set him up. He could be losing a step or so in his legs, which makes him more vulnerable. I think the Linares fight opened up a lot of possibilities for other fighters who are fighting him and they’re willing to take more chances and not being in such awe of him.

“Luke Campbell wasn’t in awe of him, although I thought Lomachenko fought one of his better fights because he was in a fight, and he showed when he’s in a fight he’s a force to be dealt with and he will fight you, you’re not just gonna walk over him. So whoever beats him is gonna have to convincingly beat him. He’s just not gonna lay down for you. But there could be some slippage there like in all fighters. But what was missing in the Campbell fight was the footwork that we normally see, it wasn’t there.

“So whether Campbell prepared for it or not and was able to stop it, or whether Lomachenko’s slowing down — I think Devin Haney gives him a lot of problems.”

On if he thinks Gervonta Davis beats Lomachenko:

“I think that’s an interesting fight. I think Tank brings a lot to the table that would make Lomachenko very leery, and that he would have to change up a lot of things to beat Tank because Tank is very reactive, fast hands, power in each punch, and he’s not an easy style to fight himself. And you got two southpaws so, again, that could add a factor to the Lomachenko-Campbell fight, that he was fighting another southpaw. So I give Tank a great chance at winning that fight.”

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