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Jacobs vs Chavez weight limit changed at last minute, fight still on

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was nowhere near the 168-pound limit, so the limit was changed.

Canelo Alvarez v Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Photo by Omar Vega/LatinContent via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In a very, very “Julio Cesar Chavez Jr” turn of events, the 33-year-old Mexican fighter’s Friday night DAZN main event with Daniel Jacobs is still on, but with a late twist, as the weight limit for the fight was changed from 168 pounds to 173 pounds today.

Both fighters have made that weight. In fact, Jacobs weighed in at 167¾, so clearly he was fine for the 168-pound original limit. Chavez, on the other hand, came in at 172¾, which makes 173, I guess.

Chavez (51-3-1, 33 KO) has been a controversial figure in this event from the start, as he was suspended in Nevada for evading VADA drug tests, which moved the fight to Arizona, and then there was a whole ordeal with that, but eventually this week the fight was fully cleared.

The final hurdle was Chavez actually making weight, which it appears he was unable to do, but things have been rearranged in such a way that it will kinda-sorta appear he managed it.

Has any of this really been worth it? Couldn’t Daniel Jacobs have just fought Gabriel Rosado, who was on standby in case Chavez got pulled? Is this such a big fight that this level of maneuvering was really necessary?

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