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Jacobs vs Chavez: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr forfeits $1M to accommodate weight change

Chavez Jr couldn’t make the 168lb limit, and will lose a third of his purse to allow the fight to continue.

Logan Paul Workout Showcase Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr predictably came in well over the contracted 168lb limit for tonight’s fight against Daniel Jacobs, weighing in almost five pounds over what he was supposed to. Chavez Jr then quickly struck a deal with Jacobs to keep the fight intact, changing the weight limit to 173lbs in exchange for $1 million out of Junior’s purse.

Jacobs vs Chavez Jr live coverage starts at 7 pm ET! Click here!

According to ESPN, that should amount to about a third of Chavez Jr.’s purse, but I can’t for the life of me understand how he managed to swing a $3M payday here. Either way, Jacobs could have opted to face Gabe Rosado in light of Chavez Jr missing weight, but decided to go ahead with the fight — not only because it makes him a million dollars richer, but also because he says Chavez Jr is a much bigger name. The extra million probably made a much bigger impression, though.

“I guess we can’t be too shocked by it, but I am not too disappointed because I know [Chavez] put the work in,” Hearn told ESPN. “I genuinely don’t think he can make 168 anymore. He can earn his redemption in the ring if he shows enough heart for the 10,000-plus fans. He is in shape, but so is Danny, who feels amazing up at 168.

”The weight will help Julio, but Danny feels great.”

So Rosado will maintain his spot on the undercard tonight, taking on Humberto Gutierrez Ochoa, although there are still home hours left for Chavez Jr. to blow it before he steps between the ropes.

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