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Tony Harrison looking for emphatic win over Jermell Charlo in rematch

Harrison fields some questions ahead of tomorrow’s title defense.


Following their fiery final press conference, Tony Harrison takes some time to chat with Fight Hub TV about what happened on stage and what his expectations are for the fight. Check it out...

Harrison on how he’s feeling mentally, heading into this rematch with Charlo:

“I mean I feel good. That year off, it kinda hurt me but it kinda helped me too. I was kinda getting tired of pounding my body and pounding the pavement for the kind of pennies I was getting. So it’s been good, I got time to enjoy my family for once and I get ready to jump up and get ready for another training camp.

“Now we back here and ready to do it one more time.”

On what caused all the ruckus on stage between Charlo and himself during their final presser:

“He don’t like me, I don’t like him. I feel like it’s enough to do the talking from both of us, once he started moving his hands and kind of like putting his hands in my area, in my space, I feel like that was just ultimate disrespect. I think he was trying to punk me. You know, that’s just how I felt. When somebody’s doing talking, cool, I’m cool, I’m talk my shit back. Once you start moving your hands and start putting your shit closer to my face it becomes disrespect.

“I don’t give a fuck where I’m at. This fight will be canceled before I let somebody disrespect me...I never let nobody put their hands in my face.”

On moving his training camp to Keith Thurman’s gym in Florida, and what he thinks that’s brought out of him:

“I think it brought my team closer together. I think me and my team had time to spend a month and a half together, which was a good thing. Nobody went home to their families. We all went home together, we all conversed together, we all ate together, and it just brought us closer together...”

On what happens on Saturday:

“I’m gonna win. That’s the name of the game. If I see an inch — not a mile — if I see an inch that I can stop this motherfucker, I’m gonna stop him! I’m gonna stop him, I’m gonna go boss and I’ma stop his ass. I’ma put a stamp on it.”

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