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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: For the first time in a lot of years I trained hard, stayed sober

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Somehow Chavez’s ‘hard training’ didn’t result in him making his originally contracted weight.

In the lead up to tonight’s fight against Daniel Jacobs, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. talks to Fight Hub TV about training hard for this fight, right before he would go on to miss weight by an amount that would ultimately cost him $1M.

Bad Left Hook has live coverage of Jacobs vs Chavez Jr starting at 7 pm ET, click here!

Chavez Jr on being cleared to fight Jacobs in Arizona after his issues in Nevada:

“I always concentrate on this fight because I never doing nothing bad. But I follow the rules, you know...everything is fine now and I’m ready to fight.”

On believing he was within the rules to decline a VADA drug test as he hadn’t signed for a fight at the time:

“I’m doing everything fine, you know, everything good. For the first time in a lot of years I trained hard, you know, I stayed sober. I (knew the fight would happen) because I don’t do nothing bad for the sport. I’m ready, I train everyday so I wanna win this fight.”

On why he’s facing Jacobs right away instead of taking a tune-up first:

“I don’t pick Daniel Jacobs. I never pick my opponent. It’s part of the boxing, you know?.I fight in Mexico, I win in one rounds, so I have a lot of inactivity. Somebody tell me about fighting Daniel Jacobs, I say I think it’s a good time for fighting him, I need to train hard only and that’s it, you know.

“I know it’s a difficult fight if it’s now or if it’s in two fights because I have a lot of experience. I been doing this thing all my life.”