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Harrison vs Charlo 2: Live streaming results, round by round, and discussion

Tony Harrison takes on Jermell Charlo in tonight’s main event rematch on FOX.

Stephanie Trapp/TGB


Round By Round

Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo 2:

Round 1: Charlo comes out with a huge hook that misses Harrison’s head. Check hook from Harrison lands on Charlo’s guard. Charlo presses forward and Harrison tries to time him with a jab to the body. Jab lands for Harrison upstairs. Counter jab lands clean for Harrison at center ring. Jab lands again for Harrison as he’s deliberate in his approach which is limiting Charlo’s opportunities. Double jab from Harrison doesn’t land. Charlo misses on a right hand that follows a jab. Harrison times a right hand that follows a measuring jab. I like Harrison’s boxing in the opening round. Harrison 10-9.

Round 2: Right hand from Charlo scores to the body. Charlo leaps in with a left hook that makes partial contact. Now Charlo jumps in again with a shot that grazes Harrison. RIght hand to the body makes contact again for Charlo. Straight right hand from Harrison lands clean upstairs. Clean jab lands for Harrison who then grabs Charlo to prevent a counter. Charlo tries maul Harrison along the ropes but he doesn’t land anything clean. Counter right and left lands for Harrison as Charlo continues to load up on every shot. Body shot lands for Charlo on the inside. Charlo is a small cut as the result of an accidental head clash. Two shots from Charlo put Harrison down! Harrison gets up right away and says he’s okay. Charlo 10-8, 19-18.

Round 3: Charlo comes out pressing and tries to whip a number of monster shots that Harrison evades. Clean left hand lands for Charlo as he steps forward and gets off first. Harrison tries to walk towards Charlo now and just misses on a right hand. Harrison back s Charlo to the ropes and lands a left hook upstairs, then a right uppercut on the inside. Harrison continues to step forward and push Charlo back which is breaks Charlo’s momentum. Harrison lands a shot but loses his mouthpiece in the process. Jab lands for Harrison. Harrison has made the tactical adjustment to force Charlo to fight moving backwards and it’s working in his favor. Harrison lands a body shot. Now Harrison throws a number of hard shots and lands on Charlo. Harrison 10-9.

Round 4: Both fighters meet at the center of the ring and trade jabs. Harrison holds his ground and has Charlo back towards the ropes. Charlo pops a jab upstairs but Harrison has a pretty tight guard as he walks towards Charlo. Left to the body lands for Harrison, then another! Charlo tries a right hand over the top but doesn’t land it clean. Double left hand comes from Harrison. Now Charlo lands two good right hands to the body. Short left hook lands on the inside for Harrison. Clean left hook lands upstairs for Charlo this time! Harrison takes the shots and comes back with three punches! Both fighters are trading blows at center ring and both are landing, I think Harrison is getting the edge by pushing Charlo back and not letting him get a head of steam to launch his attacks. Charlo throws a few quick punches that Harrison’s attention. Close round that I’ll edge to Charlo from that last attack. Charlo 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Harrison takes center ring and holds his ground as he looks to pin Charlo in the corner. Jab lands to the body for Harrison. Charlo twos two body shots. Harrison steps forward and throws a left hook that Harrison catches. Jab lands for Harrison upstairs. Harrison leaps in with a lead left hook that misses. Harrison blocks a couple of shots from Charlo and lands a right hand with Charlo in the corner. Jab lands for Harrison to the body. Left to the body lands for Charlo this time, then a right uppercut. Harrison blocks another big right hook from Charlo and continues to comes forward. Double left hook lands downstairs for Harrison, then a right hand to the head. Jab lands clean again for Harrison. Harrison 10-9.

Round 6: Jab from Harrison misses. Charlo throws a flurry that doesn’t land clean and Harrison taunts him. Right hook to the body makes contact for Harrison. Harrison continues to come forward and that’s been the difference in this fight. Charlo can’t fight nearly as well when getting pushed back. Harrison lands a good shot on the inside. Jab lands for Harrison at close range, then two short uppercuts. Harrison is boxing really well on the inside. Left to the body lands for Harrison. Left to the body lands for Harrison. Charlo throws hard shots but most of his punches have been glancing or partially blocked. Harrison lands downstairs again with some well placed shots. Credit to Harrison for fighting a fight I wanted to see from him, but not one I thought he would deliver. Harrison 10-9, 57-56.

Round 7: Jab lands for Charlo to start the round, who then follows it up with a couple more. Charlo tries an uppercut but doesn’t land it clean. Harrison continues to hold his ground and force Charlo to go back to the ropes. Right hand from Harrison partially lands to the head, then lands a clean uppercut to the chin of Charlo on the inside. Jab lands for Harrison. Left hook lands to the body for Harrison. Check hook from Charlo partially lands, but he takes a right hand moments later. Right hand from Harrison grazes Charlo upstairs. Harrison backs Charlo to the ropes and lands another left to the body. Harrison is out-thinking Charlo in the ring. Harrison 10-9.

Round 8: Jab lands to the body for Harrison. Charlo puts together a combination, ending with a hook to the body. Charlo misses on a jab upstairs. Harrison pops a jab and then waits for Charlo to commit. Harrison throws a few jabs at center rings but he’s not pressing Charlo back like he was for the last few rounds and I wonder if that’s a mistake — it was working for him. Clean right hand lands upstairs for Harrison. Charlo looks to go to the body right hand. Harrison lands a few jabs that he throws in succession and he dances at center ring to taunt Charlo again. Left hook from Charlo makes a little contact but he misses on the follow up. Right hand lands upstairs for Harrison. I still like Harrison’s work. Harrison 10-9, 77-74.

Round 9: Charlo comes out moving forward and throws a one-two and then looks to go to the body. Harrison is stepping backwards here and letting Charlo come forward and he’s starting to build momentum. Harrison stops center ring and starts walking towards Charlo again as if he remembers that’s the game plan. Right to the body lands for Charlo. Left to the body lands for Harrison. Harrison tries a jab upstairs, then a one-two. Left to the body lands for Harrison, who then steps forward but Charlo throws first and circles out. Right hand lands for Harrison in the middle of a combination. Harrison tries to jab with Charlo back on the ropes again and Harrison throws three glancing punches. Close round but I’ll edge it to Charlo for his early work and Harrison’s lapse in judgement. Charlo 10-9.

Round 10: Charlo comes out quick trying to put it on Harrison early in the round. Harrison starts flashing his popping jab. Right hand from Harrison just misses. Harrison lands a jab and then steps out of range. Harrison ducks a right hand from Charlo and then circles to center ring. Jab lands for Harrison upstairs. Right hand lands to the body for Charlo, but Harrison comes right back with a right hand upstairs. Harrison pops a jab and then another with Charlo in the corner. Now Harrison lands another clean right hand to the head and Charlo mugs at him. Harrison 10-9, 96-93.

Round 11: Charlo comes out pressing and now it’s Harrison who is on the ropes, trying to ride the hard shots of Charlo. Harrison taunts Charlo that none of his power shots are landing. Now Charlo gets in a right hand to the body. Jab comes from Charlo but Harrison blocks it. Clean shot from Charlo staggers Harrison bad and puts him down! Harrison gets up but he might be in trouble! Charlo comes out and throws a flurry that puts Harrison down again! Harrison ducks a shot but he’s still on weak legs. Harrison covers up along the ropes and Charlo throws a flurry that doesn’t land but the referee steps in and stops it anyway! Harrison is pissed that the fight was stopped because Charlo wasn’t landing clean in that moment. Charlo TKO-11.

Efe Ajagba vs Iago Kiladze

Round 1: Ajagba misses on a jab upstairs. Kiladze lands a jab downstairs but Ajagba lands a harder one. Lead left hook grazes Kiladze. Big right hand stuns Kiladze badly! Ajagba doesn’t rush his attack and Kiladze gets his footing back under him. Right hand from Ajagba partially lands over the top. Ajagba just misses on a straight right hand upstairs. One-one-two comes from Ajagba as Kiladze puts his guard up. Jab lands to the body for Ajagba. Right hand gets in for Kiladze this time. Ajagba 10-9.

Round 2: Jab lands for Ajagba to start the round. Kiladze tries to step around the ring and stay away from Ajagba’s big right hand. Two clean shots land for Kiladze. Long combination comes for Kiladze but Ajagba keeps his composure. Ajagba tries to land a left hand and then gets in a right once he has Kiladze momentarily gassed. Hard one-two lands for Ajagba. HARD RIGHT HAND FROM AJAGBA PUTS KILADZE DOWN FLAT! Kiladze manages to get to his feet but he’s in big trouble. Another clean right hand lands for Ajagba right before the bell. Ajagba 10-8, 20-17.

Round 3: Ajagba comes out stalking and Kiladze immediately ties up. Kiladze eats another right hand but is starting to throw back which is keeping this fight from being stopped. The feeling is Ajagba could end this fight dramatically at just about any moment. Right hand from Ajagba misses to the head. Now Ajagba lands a right hand and Kiladze’s knees buckle at center ring. Another right hand has Kilazde dancing around the ring like Bambi on ice! This fight should probably be stopped! Now Kiladze catches Ajagba and puts Ajagba down! This is madness! Ajagba gets up and is still on the hunt but the bell ends the round. That was crazy. Kiladze 10-8.

Round 4: Ajagba comes out on the hunt and Kiladze tries to fight him off with a combination. Jab lands upstairs for Ajagba. Now Kiladze lands a clean jab upstairs. Both fighters trade and Ajagba partially lands a uppercut on the inside. Big right hand from Ajagba just misses Kiladze’s head. Right hand from Ajagba pushes Kiladze back but Kiladze bounces off the ropes and throws a couple of punches that don’t land clean. Right hand lands upstairs for Ajagba, then a jab moments later. Ajagba 10-9, 38-36.

Round 5: Ajagba starts stalking right away and partially lands a right hand over the top. Ajagba throws a flurry of punches with Kiladze on the ropes and Kiladze eats another uppercut for good measure before grabbing hold of Ajagba. Jab lands for Ajagba upstairs. Big right hand from Ajagba makes Kiladze crumble to the canvas! Kiladze manages to make it to his feet, somehow, and Ajagba goes on the attack but takes a counter. Kiladze is wobbling around the ring and his corner finally step on the apron to throw in the towel. Ajagba TKO-5.

Karlos Balderas vs Rene Tellez Giron

Round 1: Stiff jab lands for Balderas. Giron tries to hold his ground and step in but he eats two hard shots, including a clean left hook to the chin. Jab lands to the body for Balderas, then one upstairs. Another piercing jab lands for Balderas, who is making a lot of solid contact to start a fight. Hard body shot lands for Balderas. Giron tries to fire off a couple of his own hooks in retaliation but can’t land much clean. Balderas lands another stiff jab upstairs. Three punches come from Balderas, ending with a hook to the body. Right hand lead lands for Balderas this time. Giron tries a jab to the body before ending up in a clinch. Two more shots land for Balderas to the body, then a clean hook to the head. Balderas is landing at a frightening rate. Balderas 10-9.

Round 2: Balderas measures with a jab but GIron steps through it and lands a couple of shots before taking another clean one in return from Balderas. Giron lands another left hook but he’s taking about five hard shots to land one. Balderas jabs and lands and Giron steps in with some hooks but doesn’t land them well. Hard jab lands to the body for Balderas, followed by a jab upstairs that sets up a right hand. Giron throws some power punches but they’re mostly ineffective. Two clean jabs land for Balderas at center ring. Now Giron comes forward and lands two hooks to the body, the on upstairs. Balderas gets back to his jab at center ring. GIron lands another clean shot but Balderas gets one two. That’s a toss-up round for me. I’m going to give this to Giron because I have a feeling it’s all downhill from here. Giron 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Giron slips a jab — finally! Balderas throws a few more jabs that keep Giron at bay. Giron hooks to the body but catches Balderas’ elbow. Counter right hand lands clean for Balderas at center ring! Giron falls short on a jab to the body. Double left hook comes from GIron but Balderas gets in a counter and gets off the ropes. Left hook to the body lands for Balderas. Jab lands for Balderas, then a clean left hook to the head. MONSTER LEFT HOOK FROM GIRON PUTS BALDERAS DOWN HARD! Balderas barely beats the count and is on unsteady legs. This fight could’ve been called off but the referee lets the bell save him. Well that changes things quickly. Giron 10-8.

Round 4: Balderas tries to tie up right away because he’s still hurt. Hook lands for Giron again. Both fighters trade clean punches at center ring! Jab lands to the body for Balderas. Balderas looks like he’s regaining his legs and getting back to work, but he still has to be careful because he was dominating this fight until one punch clipped him. Now Balderas lands a low blow in retaliation to one from Giron and the referee gives a harsh warning to Balderas that he’s going to take a point from either fighter the next time. Giron comes forward and starts winging shots. Left hook lands to the body for Balderas. Two punches from Balderas graze Giron. Giron throws some shots but they’re landing on Balderas’ guard. Jab lands clean for Balderas, then a right hand upstairs. Balderas 10-9, 37-38.

Round 5: Jab lands clean for Balderas upstairs. Now Balderas lands a good counter right to the head. Giron gets in a jab upstairs. Both fighters stand it close range at center ring and GIron throws af ew shots as Balderas covers up pretty effectively. Left to the body lands for GIron, who is outworking Balderas in this round. More shots come from GIron with both hands. Counter left hand lands for Giron this time. Balderas tries to work his jab but the shorter Giron steps on the inside of it and lands a couple of body shots. Giron 10-9.

Round 6: Balderas jabs to the body. Two more body shots land for Giron, followed by a left hook upstairs. Giron has proved to be a tough son of a bitch and he’s giving Balderas everything he can handle, and what Giron lacks in craft he makes up for in tenacity. Jab lands clean for Balderas a few times and Giron lands another clean counter left hook, then another! Balderas throws a right hand of his own upstairs. Clean jab lands for Giron. Uppercut lands for Balderas this time. Left lands upstairs for Giron again, Balderas lands a stiff jab. Left lands to the body for GIron again. I was soooo wrong about Giron! Hard left hook lands for Giron again and he puts Balderas down for a second time! Referee counts him out with a noticeably quick count between 9 and 10, then waves it off. Giron KO-6.

Tonight in the final PBC on FOX main event of 2019, Tony Harrison and Jermell Charlo renew hostilities one year after a controversial fight on the same network, with Harrison defending the WBC junior middleweight title he took in their first meeting.

Prelims begin at 6 pm ET on FS1, with the main card starting at 8 pm ET on FOX. Wil Esco will be here with round by round updates for the main card.

Harrison, 29, took that 154-pound belt on Dec. 22, 2018, winning a stunning and criticized decision over Charlo, also 29. The two were supposed to rematch on June 23 in Las Vegas, but Harrison pulled out with an injury, which Charlo believes was faked. Harrison hasn’t fought since last year’s win, and Charlo beat Jorge Cota on that June 23 date instead.

The co-feature will see heavyweight prospect Efe Ajagba take on Iago Kiladze, while lightweight prospect Karlos Balderas opens the show against Rene Tellez Giron.

The prelims on FS1 will feature Hugo Centeno Jr vs Juan Macias Montiel in the middleweight feature attraction, while featherweight contender Jhack Tepora takes on veteran Oscar Escandon.

Prelims (FS1, 6:00 pm ET)

  • Hugo Centeno Jr (27-3, 14 KO) vs Juan Macias Montiel (21-4-1, 21 KO), middleweights, 10 rounds
  • Jhack Tepora (23-0, 17 KO) vs Oscar Escandon (25-5, 17 KO), featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Raymond Guajardo (4-0, 3 KO) vs Donnis Reed (3-4, 2 KO), middleweights, 4 rounds

Main Card (FOX, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Tony Harrison (28-2, 21 KO) vs Jermell Charlo (32-1, 16 KO), junior middleweights, 12 rounds
  • Efe Ajagba (11-0, 9 KO) vs Iago Kiladze (26-4-1, 18 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Karlos Balderas (9-0, 8 KO) vs Rene Tellez Giron (13-1, 7 KO), lightweights, 8 rounds

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