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Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2: Ruiz’s Open Media Workout

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Andy Ruiz holds a light workout ahead of this weekend’s title fight.

With just a few more days until Andy Ruiz Jr. defends three major world titles he won off of Anthony Joshua back in June, Ruiz holds an open media workout in Saudi Arabia which can be seen here courtesy of Fight Hub TV.

Ruiz, 30, is obviously coming off the biggest win of his life as he upset Joshua this past June, when most people gave him a snowball’s chance in hell. Ruiz has since been seen living it up as the first ever Mexican heavyweight world champion, causing some to question his hunger, but he insists that he’s still eager to continue his journey and hasn’t succumb to complacency.

So if you’re curious to get a glimpse of Ruiz’s current form just a few days before the opening bell rings, check out some footage of Ruiz flashing his quick hands as he goes through some mitt work with trainer Manny Robles in the video above.