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Andy Ruiz: Maybe I shouldn’t have put on all this weight

Ruiz reflects on his wide decision loss to Anthony Joshua in their rematch.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following his disappointing performance in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, former world champion Andy Ruiz Jr. fields questions from the media about what went wrong in his rematch with Anthony Joshua. Check out some excerpts below...

Ruiz on what was different in the rematch from their first fight:

“You know what, for this fight I think I was overweight, man. I think I was overweight, I think I didn’t move the way I wanted to. I think me thinking that I was gonna be bigger and heavier, that was gonna benefit me and it and tell you the truth, it really didn’t. But no excuses, you know. Anthony Joshua did his thing and he got the victory.”

On people who thought he was looking slimmer in photos leading into the fight:

“I was slimmer. I put on the weight and it was my mistake. I think I felt too confident and all that but I think I should’ve trained harder and listened to my team and to my coaches and nobody really knows about the training that we had. We did the best we can and I just can’t wait for the next fight, you know? He won one, I won one, so let’s do the trilogy.”

On what makes him different from other Joshua opponents:

“I think just the heart that I have, you know? I’m not scared of any of my opponents. And if I would’ve let my hands go just like I did on June 1st I think I would’ve won this fight and like I said, I should’ve trained harder, I should’ve listened to my coaches more and maybe I shouldn’t have put on all this weight that I did and I would’ve been more faster and I would’ve thrown more. I got him hurt a few times and I let him survive, so I think that’s one of the mistakes that I did. But like I said, I won one, he won one, let’s do the next one.”

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