Pick 'Em Returns: Week 5

Good things come to those who persevere and last week was the first time when less than 10 players did not end up with negative scores. Next week we have Brant-Baysangurov and Santa Cruz-Rivera. I had a problem here. I've tried to keep each week with five or six picks. I'm trying to include fights which are somewhat competitive or high profile. This week, I was one fight short. I thought of doing just four picks, or coming up with a prop bet, but instead I've come up with a better solution. That's right, we are picking on a European title fight from Belgium! Woo! Get ready to make an uninformed decision which will probably be wrong! And please rec this post, let's keep it going.

The rules:

-This will be either a 12 or a 13 week session, depending on how the schedule shakes out. If there's not enough televised, competitive fights on a weekend, I'll take a break. Regardless, the final week will be April 13th.

-Each player will have twelve (12) doubles and six (6) triples that can be used at any point during this session. If we don't take any breaks, you'll get an extra double and an extra triple at some point during the last few weeks.

-Every player who submits picks will receive a 5-point participation bonus for the week.

-You don't get a participation bonus if you submit late picks, but there are no other penalties.

-Players are allowed to pass on one (1) pick per week, unless they have late picks that have already been missed.

-A draw is a push if you're picking winners.

The picks:

A. Rob Brant vs. Khasan Baysangurov (Friday 15th)

1. Brant to win - risk 11 points to win 1

2. Brant by KO - risk 4 points to win 7

3. Brant by decision - risk 5 points to win 4

4. Baysangurov to win - risk 2 points to win 12

B. Francesco Patera vs. Marvin Petit (Saturday 16th)

1. Patera to win - risk 7 points to win 4

2. Petit to win - risk 3 points to win 7

C. Omar Figueroa vs. John Molina (Saturday 16th)

1. Figueroa to win - risk 12 points to win 2

2. Molina to win - risk 2 points to win 8

D. Cesar Juarez vs. Ryosuke Iwasa (Saturday 16th)

1. Juarez to win - risk 2 points to win 11

2. Iwasa to win - risk 10 points to win 1

E. Leo Santa Cruz vs. Rafael Rivera (Saturday 16th)

1. Santa Cruz to win - risk 12 points to win 1

2. Santa Cruz by KO - risk 5 points to win 6

3. Santa Cruz by decision - risk 5 points to win 6

4. Rivera to win - risk 1 point to win 14

The example:

If you aren't familiar with the game, imagine you have to submit a pick for the following bout:

Z. Pick a winner: Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas (years ago)

1. Tyson to win - risk 42 points to win 1

2. Douglas to win - risk 1 point to win 42

If you wanted to pick Tyson with no multiplier, you would submit it as:

Z. (1) - 1

And you'd lose 42 points, like a real dummy!

But if you wanted to pick Douglas with a triple as a multiplier, you would submit it as:

Z. (3) - 2

You would win 126 points there, congratulations!

To pass (how could one not, with those odds), you would simply write:


And so on.

Have fun! Thanks for participating! Let me know if you have any feedback!

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