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Ellerbe ‘very confident’ that Gervonta Davis beats Vasyl Lomachenko

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe talks about Davis’ bright future in the sport.

In this media scrum caught by Fight Hub TV, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe answers questions about Gervonta Davis’ most recent performance and calls for Davis to take on Vasyl Lomachenko. Check out some excerpts below...

Ellerbe on if he thinks he’ll have Davis fighting again before July:

“Oh, most definitely. Yeah. Why not?”

On what’s the next step for Davis in terms of branding:

“We got some special stuff we working on. Again, we know what we’re doing. You know, I think we been down this round or two before. We’ve seen a guy that has made over a billion dollars — we know what we’re doing. And Tank — he’s gonna be the guy!...He’s a little guy who packs a big punch.”

On how big a fight between Davis and Vasyl Lomachenko could be a year from now:

“I don’t know, it could be — Gervonta Davis with anybody, it’s gonna be a big fight because he has that star power. He is the guy. He’s the guy that all these guys are gonna be gunning at. The same way Floyd was to make [money], Gervonta Davis is gonna be that guy.”

On fans calling for Davis to face Lomachenko:

“They’re gonna call for anybody. There’s no focus on one particular guy. And I’m not concerned about that guy because I’m very confident that Gervonta beats him. Very, very, very confident. And when and if that fight happens, you’ll see the same kind of result [a dominant knockout]. Trust me. Same kind of result.”

On if he thinks Top Rank would want that fight for Lomachenko:

“I don’t know, they have a very good promotional company with some very good fighters — that’s all I got to say about that.”

On if he’s willing to make a Davis-Lomachenko fight right now:

“I’m down to make anything that makes sense. And we’re gonna do things on our timetable and the way we want to do them. And nobody’s gonna tell us to do anything different.

“Gervonta Davis is gonna make dollars fighting anybody.”

On who would need to reach out first to make a Davis-Lomachenko fight:

“I’m not thinking about none of that stuff...we’re gonna put our heads together, the guy just came off a tremendous performance, we had an outstanding turnout, it was a star-studded affair. You know, we just gonna go back and enjoy this and see what the next step is.”

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