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James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr. trade words as they sit face-to-face

DeGale and Eubank still argue about what really happened during their infamous sparring session.

In this preview video of their face-to-face talk, promoting their Feb. 23 fight at the O2 Arena, James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr. go back and forth with one another over what will happen when they fight, and what happened when they sparred some years back...

“I was moving, I was helping you out,” DeGale recalls. “There was nothing really in the spar...I think there were some heated words after, there was some heated conversation — the next day he went on social media and said he schooled me.”

“It was the same day,” Eubank replied. “I beat him up in the 8th round, I vaulted the ropes, and he got upset. And then he ended up kicking me and my dad out the gym...”

DeGale was then asked what he believes will be the difference-maker in his upcoming bout with Eubank:

“I’m too good for Chris Eubank. I’m far too good for him...I’ve boxed at the highest level for a long, long time — amateur and pro — I’ve boxed and beat the best out there and I’ve come through. Eubank, every time he’s stepped up to the highest level, Groves, Billy Joe Saunders, he’s lost.”

Eubank Jr. was then asked the same question, why he think he’ll beat DeGale:

“I live this life every single day. He doesn’t. He knows the sacrifices that have to be made and he knows he doesn’t make them all the time. That’s why he’s had flat performances in his last couple fights — because he gets lazy. That’s one thing that you’ll never ever ever hear about me, that I’m lazy. I dedicate myself.”

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