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Spence-Garcia: Los Angeles Press Conference

Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia promote their March 16 PPV.

With March 16th just around the corner, welterweight titleholder Errol Spence Jr. and challenger Mikey Garcia start formally promoting their FOX pay-per-view card, starting with a press conference in Los Angeles.

When asked about his thoughts on Mikey Garcia and what he expects his biggest challenges to be when they square-off, Spence said:

“Well first of all, I’m happy somebody challenged me. I’ve been looking for a name-known opponent, somebody with a record like his — everything he’s established in boxing being a four division champion — so I’m happy that I took on that challenge. But I’m look for a skillful mikey garcia, he’s got good talent, a lot of great experience. And with me, I’ve got the pedigree. Even if I don’t have that experience I have the pedigree to overcome anything he brings to the table come March 16.”

Mikey Garcia then offered his own thoughts on why he decided to jump up in weight for this stern challenge.

“I’m looking for legacy, you know, I’m in search of greatness. You know, not many fighters get an opportunity to do what I’m doing — you know, fighting another undefeated champion in their prime. And that’s the kind of fight that excites me, that’s the kind of fight that motivates and that’s the type of fight I need to bring the best out of me. And that’s why we decided and chose to go after Errol Spence.”

Check out the full press conference and face off above, courtesy of Fight Hub TV.

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