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Hearn: Arum is ‘mugging Haymon off’ with Fury offer

Eddie Hearn talks about why he thinks Bob Arum is trying to make a fool of Al Haymon.

In this video interview caught by FightHype, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn gives his take on the whole Wilder-Fury saga, including why he thinks Bob Arum is trying to get under the skin of advisor Al Haymon and Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza.

“[Wilder’s] boxed on Showtime, what, I don’t know, the last 10-12 fights. He just boxed on a Showtime PPV and he’s basically come out and said to them ‘I ain’t with you, I’m a free agent. Who wants me?’...

“Joshua’s relationship with DAZN is this fight [against Miller] and a first and last option moving forward. We’re with DAZN. Joshua is with DAZN. Can he box on another platform, particularly for that undisputed fight? Yes he can. Can he earn as much money? Probably not. I believe DAZN will pay more money than any platform to keep Joshua and to keep those big fights on DAZN. But we will not let a platform stop an undisputed fight.

“The SKY contract is a contract set in stone. It has to be on SKY. No question with that, and people know that...

“Fury’s deal, I don’t know, is probably a lot different than that. He has to fight on ESPN. So Maybe we have to fight him on ESPN. If we have to fight on Showtime, maybe we fight on Showtime. But we’re in a good spot, really. But the only one that’s restricted is Fury, but I’m sure he’s got a good deal. So if I’m Haymon right now, and Haymon is a guy who really based his career on making ‘power moves’ — I go straight in and sign the undisputed fight with Joshua.

“Really, Arum’s mugging Haymon off right now. ‘Yeah, come and be on ESPN, I’ll send you an offer. You know, multi-fight offer, come and sign with Top Rank.’ Haymon will — he will hate the thought of Wilder going to Top Rank and ESPN. And so will Espinoza.”

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