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Jacobs: Golden Boy insisted on second-day weigh-in for Canelo fight

Daniel Jacobs says Golden Boy is looking for any advantage they can get over him.

Following their opening press conference, Daniel Jacobs sits down for a media scrum to discuss his May 4th fight against Canelo Alvarez and mentioned Golden Boy inserting a second-day weigh-in clause for the bout — despite the IBF previously removing that stipulation for title unification fights.

“To clarify that, we did [a second-day weigh-in] in our last fight, we’re looking forward to doing it again, even though the IBF ruled out — for unification bouts there’s no second-day weigh-in. But Golden Boy put it in the contract, so that would be a question that I would like to know.”

When it was then brought up that Golden Boy said the IBF insisted on the second-day weigh-in, Jacobs had a look of disbelief on his face.

“So we got this on camera? Golden Boy said [it was the IBF?!]. We made history two years ago when we changed the ruling of the IBF, in how they take care of fighters with the second-day weigh-in for a unification bout, right? We already established that. It’s already been established. So for me, I think [Golden Boy] is looking for any way, shape or form, to get an advantage. And this is not something that they’re not used to doing.

“I mean we know Amir Khan coming up from whatever weight he was, and there was a catchweight [to fight Canelo]. All these different [tactics] — it’s not the essence of boxing...This is not championship behavior. Golden Boy and Oscar De La Hoya — he’s a fighter himself so he knows — it’s very insulting to us as champions and to the sport because you’ve got this #1 guy that regardless of who it was is gonna sell out, is gonna get the mass public, so you use that to your best benefit which is not right to the sport.

“Because if you respect the sport, the sport that you put years in — you respect the sport you gotta do right by the sport. Do right by fighters and do right be everybody else.”

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