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Hugo Ruiz: Gervonta Davis hasn’t faced anyone with my power

Ruiz says no one should be surprised if he beats Davis tomorrow.

In this video interview with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV, Hugo Ruiz talks about moving up in weight as a late replacement to face Gervonta Davis after just having fought several weeks ago. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say...

Ruiz on how he got the opportunity to fight Davis and how much preparation he was able to get done:

“It’s a great challenger, he’s a great fighter. I’ve been very active this year, I’ve fought in the last six months four times so I’m very active and I feel really prepared coming into this fight.”

On Davis being a different caliber opponent than he’s fought before and how much time he had to really study him before they fight:

“I’ve had about 10 days to prepare specifically for Tank, to look at him, his southpaw stance, and his style but I want to remind you that the last opponent I had was a southpaw and I’ve spent months preparing for that guy so it’s been like three or four months that I’ve been preparing for southpaws. So I think this is perfect timing for me to go ahead and face somebody like ‘Tank’ Davis because he has that southpaw style that I’ve been preparing for all these months ago.

“Tank is a great champion, a great fighter, and that’s why I see this as a great challenge for me coming into this fight.”

On Davis saying he thinks he’ll be a more difficult opponent than Abner Mares and if he agrees with that:

“I think the reason Tank feels that way is because I’m a fighter who comes forward, I’m a fighter that’s aggressive, that comes to fight and can hit, and that always makes things complicated for a fighter.”

On if he has any concerns about moving up in weight to face Davis when Davis is already pretty big for the 130lb division:

“I have a lot of reach and height and coming into this division I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt so I’m more than prepared to fight this Saturday.”

On what makes him feel stronger at 130lbs:

“My height, my reach, and in my last camp I worked a lot on strength and conditioning and power. And I’m not cutting weight, and that’s helped out a lot, that’s helped for me to feel strong for this fight.”

On fans and media believing this is set up to be a showcase fight for Davis while he really believes he can knock Davis out and win:

“I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I’ve trained 12 years for an opportunity like this and this is the biggest opportunity and those are the most dangerous fights. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I think that’s a strong advantage for me going into this fight.”

On what he makes of the level of Davis’ past opponents:

“Tank’s a great fight but I don’t think Tank’s ever faced a fighter of my caliber, with my power and technique. And fans don’t miss out because I’m going to give a surprise in this fight.”

On what it would mean for him to upset Davis in this fight:

“I’ve always dreamed of being in these types of fights, I’ve always dreamed of winning these types of fights against these types of opponents. So this is something that I’m gonna make happen this weekend and this is something that I’ve worked so hard for.”

On his speed and power going into this fight:

“Yesterday’s [open media workout] was just a small preview for you guys. On Saturday night you’re going to see the real thing that I really have to show.”

On if he intends to move back down in weight after this fight:

“To be honest I’m really really good at this weight and if I win this fight I think I will stay at 130lbs, I just feel way too good.”

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