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Porter not interested in rematching Ugas, looking towards other fights

Shawn Porter says he wants fights against Spence, Pacquiao, and Thurman.

In this post-fight interview following Shawn Porters close win over Yordenis Ugas over the weekend, Porter talks a little about the fight and why he’s not interesting in a rematch with Ugas.

“...the hands were down, he’s shaking out and all that kind of stuff, and that’s not the typical Yordenis Ugas that we’re used to seeing. We’re used to seeing hands up the entire fight and ‘I’m coming after you.’

“One way or the other I think that [Ugas] knowing what I can do, I think he came out and might have kind of psyched himself out a little bit, ‘cause he was expecting me to be a little bit more flashy and I think he was trying to keep up with that. And I think the jab was really, really effective this fight.

“I don’t want a rematch with Yordenis because I am looking at Errol Spence, I am looking at Manny Pacquiao, and I am looking at Keith Thurman. You know, obviously if this fight didn’t go our way then those plans would be spoiled and I would have to revisit that lane. But we got this win — I personally think we got it decisively.

“Anybody that is disappointed because they didn’t see me throw 100 a round, disappointed because they didn’t see me going after Yordenis like I went after Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia or Paulie Malignaggi, anything like that, then hey, you’re sore about it. But you can’t fight every fight the same and that’s what we did. We made some adjustments. and we stuck with our adjustments.”

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