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Golovkin explains why he signed with DAZN

Gennady Golovkin says he went with the platform that provided him with the most options.

In this interview with Fight Hub TV, former middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin talks a bit about his motivations for signing with DAZN and gives his quick thoughts on the Canelo-Jacobs fight. Check it out...

Golovkin on how he’s been feeling with this time away from the sport:

“I had beautiful time. You know, I stayed with my family, enjoyed my time with my family. I have a good life.

“I feel not bad right now. Seriously, I have beautiful life. I have real life.”

Golovkin on why he chose DAZN instead of PBC or ESPN:

“I had a lot of time [to think]. I had good experience from boxing. Probably DAZN, he give me more choices. You know...I just wanna bring my GGG team, I wanna bring my GGG promotions to home of boxing. Right now DAZN is home for boxing. Just I want my fans — bring my fans, I want to bring my people, I want to bring close to boxing.”

On if having potential opponents like Canelo, Jacobs, and Andrade was a motivating factor:

“Absolutely, yeah. Absolutely. Just everybody, because I told you just I’m open for anybody. Just, really, I want big fight. I’m ready.”

On what he thinks of the Canelo-Jacobs fight:

“I don’t know, really. I don’t know who’s won. [It’s a hard fight] probably.

“Both is good boxers, just little bit different strategy, like, you know, styles. Just very tough fight.”

On if he thinks he’ll fight Canelo for a third time in September:

“I hope so. I hope so. Nobody knows. I don’t know, maybe after first fight I can’t fight. Just maybe Daniel beats him. Nobody knows. We talk a lot, we have a good deal, why not? If you people real want watch, of course we bring.”

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