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Arum: Garcia has nothing to hold Spence off with

Bob Arum talks about why he thinks Spence-Garcia is a ‘stupid’ fight.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum took some time to field questions from the media and brings up why he doesn’t give Mikey Garcia much of a chance to beat Errol Spence this weekend on FOX PPV. Check out some of his thoughts on the match-up based on his experience in the game...

Arum on Spence-Garcia:

“Watch what happens this weekend. I mean Mikey’s a tremendous fighter, great boxer and everything, but Spence is a welterweight — a big welterweight — and Mikey has nothing to hold him off with.”

On Pacquiao being able to move up to beat bigger guys in his career:

“Manny was able to beat bigger guys at one small point in his career. Who did he fight bigger? One guy, Margarito...but he never went above 147, except that once with Margarito.

“Loma is fighting guys at 135 — all of whom are bigger than he is. Linares was bigger than he was, Pedraza. But he’s fighting at 135, that’s the weight he’s fighting at now.”

On if he would be shocked to see Garcia beat Spence:

“Well I would be very, very surprised. Listen, I’ve been around this block. I did a fight in 1974, great fighters, Jose Napoles was the greatest welterweight that you could find at that time. And he went in against Carlos Monzon and it wasn’t a fight because at the end of the day, as the fight went on, you realize that Monzon’s strength and size was too much for Napoles and he knocked Napoles out.”

On if fans can expect a Spence-Crawford fight is Spence wins:

“Well, we were happy to do — if Crawford gets by Khan, which I hope he will on April 20th, you know, we want to do that fight. We’ll sit down with them and negotiate a fair deal and do that fight. Sure. I mean this thing [Spence-Garcia] is stupid!

“When FOX lists the best welterweights in the world and doesn’t have Crawford’s name on it — I mean, gimme a break! The FOX network is not supposed to be FOX News — which you know everything is crap.”

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