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Spence: I’m not worried about anything come Saturday night

Errol Spence is fully confident heading into his showdown with Mikey Garcia.

With fight week winding down, IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence talks to Fight Hub about his thoughts entering Saturday’s PPV fight with Mikey Garcia. Spence talks a bit about how he’s feeling and what he’s expecting once the bell rings...

Spence on how he’s feeling now that it’s fight week:

“I’m excited, man. I’m ready to fight. It’s just real humbling to see all these people coming out and just supporting, especially coming out during media events and to open workouts. I usually see that, you know, when Floyd’s fighting — a lot of people coming out and things like that. So it’s just great to have that type of support.”

On if he feels like he’s finally ‘made it’:

“Not right now. After the fight I’ll reflect on it but right now I try not to get caught in the moment and things like that. So right now I got tunnel vision towards Saturday night.”

On who he thinks the fans will be supporting on fight night:

“It doesn’t matter. I mean it didn’t play a factor overseas, it’s definitely not gonna play a factor at home so, I just want people to come out and support. If they support me or they support Mikey Garcia, I just want people to come out.”

On what he’s been fine-tuning in the last week of camp:

“Just working on being sharp...being sharp, working on the game plan, and just staying focused all the way through the workouts and sparring. I’m not really worried about anything come Saturday night. I feel like we got everything in place for anything he can do — either he wants us to fight or he’s gonna box, whatever. I mean I feel like I’m gonna be the dictator in the ring.

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