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Errol Spence Jr ‘tired of seeing’ Mikey Garcia, ready to fight

Errol Spence Jr speaks about Saturday’s fight and more.

IBF welterweight titleholder Errol Spence Jr (24-0, 21 KO) spoke with reporters following Wednesday’s press conference ahead of Saturday night’s pay-per-view main event against four-division champion Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KO).

On fighting a PPV main event at home:

“This is a dream come true. This is something I dreamed about. I didn’t think it was gonna happen probably for about two years, and it happened right away. It’s a dream come true to be fighting at home, fighting in my backyard. Not only just fighting at home, fighting at the Cowboys stadium, my favorite team. Getting the guys like Jerry Jones and a network like FOX backing me.”

On calling out Garcia’s trash talk at the presser:

“I don’t like fake stuff. So when somebody’s something else, saying this, saying that, then they get here, ‘It’s gonna be a great fight,’ this and that, this and that. Nah, say what you were saying at the gym. Say it here at the press conference. That’s all I wanted to say.”

On if Garcia’s trash talk has bugged him:

“It hasn’t really been bugging me, it was just the time and the moment to say what I had to say. He was saying something he really wasn’t saying in the right way. I just had to correct him. Nah, say it like how you were talking crazy at the gym.”

On him “snapping” a bit at Garcia:

“I’m just hyped, man. I’m ready to fight. I’m very motivated and hyped up. I can’t wait for Saturday night. It’s been a long time coming to be fighting at home and fighting at this big venue on pay-per-view. I’m not gonna let this moment go by. I’ve got a lot of energy right now, I’m just ready to go.”

On Spence’s amateur pedigree:

“If you know anything about amateur boxing, amateur boxing is computer scoring. For you to have success in amateur boxing, you gotta score and not get hit, especially fighting a lot of international guys. So I gotta have some type of accuracy or boxing skills to make it to the Olympic trials. If he was that great of a boxer, he would’ve made it. If he was that great of a boxer, he would’ve won at the Olympic trials, he would’ve qualified for the Olympics and things like that. But he didn’t, he got stopped early at home. That just shows my type of pedigree. I got over 30-some international fights, and I won a lot of tournaments internationally. If you know anything about amateur scoring, how they score, it shows that I have a lot of experience.”

On Garcia saying he’s better than Spence in every aspect:

“I just laugh and smile. That’s the only thing that goes on in my mind. It’s good to have that type of confidence, but like I said, hopefully they keep that same energy when it comes fight night.”

On targeting Garcia’s body and imposing his will:

“It’s whatever, if it’s boxing or it’s a grueling fight. I can’t just say one style’s gonna get it done. I think we’re both gonna be adapting on the fly. We both have great corners. They’ll be seeing stuff that make us switch up and switch our styles up.”

On whether he wants to stop or KO Garcia:

“Stopping him means I just punish him. But a knockout, too — it doesn’t matter. As long as I get a man down, that’s all that matters.”

On his likely in-ring weight advantage:

“There’s no difference in weight. I feel like 10 pounds is really no difference. He’s sparred heavier guys, I spar heavier guys a lot, too. I feel like it’s all about execution and getting the job done. Skills, talent, and just overall the game plan of the camp. It doesn’t make a difference about 10 pounds.”

On whether he feels pressure to put on a spectacular show:

“I feel like I’m winning. If you look at all the other welterweights, especially on the PBC side, guys are not fighting in front of this type of crowd on FOX pay-per-view and fighting another great opponent. Hardcore boxing fans and real fans know that this is a tough fight and this is a great fight. I can’t worry about what the naysayers think. It’s gonna be a good fight, skill-for-skill wise, talent-for-talent.”

On Garcia working with Victor Conte maybe raising red flags:

“I don’t know. He hasn’t really worked with anybody in boxing that I know of. But I don’t know — we’re supposed to be on the VADA testing and all that, but I haven’t been tested by VADA in about two weeks. I don’t know what’s going on with that.”

On whether or not he’s getting agitated close to the fight:

“I’m just agitated, period. I’m making weight. It’s fight week, something I’ve been looking forward to since camp started. I’m just excited, making weight, ready to fight. Tired of seeing him, tired of talking about the fight. I’m just ready to get in the locker room, put on my fight gear, hit the mitts, go out, and do what I do best.”

On whether Garcia is vulnerable to the body:

“I can’t say until I hit him, but I’m gonna hit him wherever he’s open. Even if he’s not open, I’m gonna hit him, whether it’s gloves, arms, shoulders, hips, wherever. I’m gonna touch him. I’m not just looking for one area.”

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