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Robert Garcia: Mikey will be the stronger fighter, Spence is not on weight

Trainer Robert Garcia talks about why he thinks Mikey will be the stronger fighter when he faces Errol Spence.

Following their final press conference, trainer Robert Garcia shares some of his thoughts about why Mikey will actually be stronger than Errol Spence on Saturday night and believing that Spence still has a fair deal of weight to lose before they weigh-in...

On believing that Mikey will be stronger than Spence in the fight:

“Nobody’s on weight right now. [Spence] says he’s on weight, definitely not on weight. He’s got at least 10lbs to go. That’s what everybody cuts, 10-12lbs the night before the weigh-in. Mikey doesn’t have to do that. He does that at lightweight. Now at 147, Mikey’s walking around 2 or 3 pounds [above the limit], no more than that. So he’ll be the stronger man because he’s not gonna lose any weight. Errol Spence has to cut weight, Mikey doesn’t have to cut weight.”

On if he really thinks Spence is still 10lbs over the limit:

“I guarantee you he’s not on weight. But he said he was on weight, so he’s already lying to you guys.

“You don’t train fighters, I train fighters. Most of those fighters have to lose 10lbs 2-3 days before the fight. It’s something everybody does. I guarantee you he’s not on weight.”

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