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Danny Garcia targets fights against top PBC welterweights

...and Mikey Garcia.

Following his opening press conference announcing his April 20 fight against Adrian Granados, Danny Garcia sat down with reporters to discuss the present state of his career and what he’s looking to accomplish going forward.

“I gotta make sure that I go in there and handle business and look impressive because this is a very important fight for me, for my career, and definitely for big fights in the future” Garcia said.

On if he’s desperate for a good showing:

“I’m not desperate...more pressure to look good and win because it’s big fights. But I never looked at my career like that, where I feel desperate or pressured. At the end of the day this is what I do, so it’s another day at my job and I gotta make sure that I go in there and handle business.”

On how he keeps from overlooking opponents like Granados, who is tough but not a big marketable name:

“I’ve been here many times...I’ve been in this position many times, so I know what it takes and I know how hard I gotta work — because sometimes these are the fights that are harder than [the ones] people think are supposed to be easy. Sometimes it’s supposed to be an easy fight and it’s the hardest fight of your career. So I’ve been in these types of fights before. So I make sure that I’m training hard and I’m preparing right now.”

On what fights he’s eyeing should he beat Granados:

“I definitely want the rematch with Porter and Thurman. The Pacquiao, the Spence, or either Mikey Garcia. So all those fights make sense for me and I’m willing to get in with any of those guys after this.”

On if he’s discussed these fights with Al Haymon:

“Not yet. Not yet because we gotta handle business on April 20th. Then once we handle business, we’ll handle that. We’ll get to that.”

On if he was promised another title shot with a win over Granados:

“I mean, definitely we can fight whoever we wanna fight, to be honest with you. ‘Cause I’m a big name in the division, you know, I’m a big draw, and I’m the type of fighter you need to sell a big fight. So I’m pretty sure any one of those guys would want to step in the ring with me.”

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