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Peterson vs Lipinets: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

The welterweights headline tonight’s PBC show on FS1.

FOX Sports and Premier Boxing Champions Press Conference Experience Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight at 6 pm ET, PBC returns to FS1 with a card headlined by a pair of former world titleholders, as Lamont Peterson takes on Sergey Lipinets in the welterweight main event.

Peterson (35-4-1, 17 KO) and Lipinets (14-1, 10 KO) have both won world titles at 140 pounds, and Peterson also won a belt at 147. This is pretty much must-win for both if they want to stay relevant at 147 right now, which is a lucrative position to be in given the number of big-name fighters in the division, and the fact that pretty much all of them except Terence Crawford are with PBC.

Peterson hasn’t fought since a Jan. 2018 loss to Errol Spence Jr, where he took a good beating and was pulled after seven rounds. Lipinets last fought in Aug. 2018, winning a questionable decision over Erick Bone.

The main card, which begins at 8 pm ET, also features the return of Lamont’s brother Anthony Peterson (37-1, 24 KO), a former lightweight prospect now campaigning at 140 pounds, who has fought sporadically since 2010, when he lost to Brandon Rios. Peterson will face former 130-pound titleholder Argenis Mendez (25-5-1, 12 KO).

The prelim bouts will feature Brandon Quarles (21-4-1, 10 KO) taking on Aaron Coley (15-2-1, 7 KO) in an eight-round middleweight bout; 19-year-old prospect Lorenzo Simpson (2-0, 2 KO) against the debuting Jaime Meza in a four-round junior middleweight fight; and the opener will pit Cobia Breedy (12-0, 4 KO) against Fernando Fuentes (14-7-1, 4 KO) in an eight-round super featherweight battle.

Wil Esco will be on the call.


  • SERGEY LIPINETS def. LAMONT PETERSON by TKO (2:59 of Round 10)
  • JAMONTAY CLARK def. VERNON BROWN by UD (96-93, 96-93, 95-94)
  • ANTHONY PETERSON and ARGENIS MENDEZ fight to Split Draw (96-94 Peterson, 96-94 Mendez, 95-95)



Round 1: Lipinets starts with a jab to the body. Peterson straight s aright hand lead and then stabs down to the body. Right hook lands to the body for Lipinets. Right hand lands for Peterson. Now Lipinets lands a couple of good hooks on the inside. Now Peterson lands a right hand to the body. Lipinets comes forward with a combination and Peterson ties up. Jabs and right hands glance off Lipinets’s gloves. I think Peterson edged the first round. Peterson 10-9.

Round 2: Lipinets comes forward with several jabs and then whips in a few hooks mixed with uppercuts using his right hand. Lipinets misses on two wide hooks. Now Peterson lands a clean body shot. Right hand scores for Peterson upstairs but Lipinets comes right back. Lipinets charges forward behind a one-two and makes good contact. Hard left hook to the body lands for Peterson. Lipinets continues to comes forward, letting both hands go. Lipinets 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Uppercut lands no the inside for Peterson as the fighters waste no time getting into punching range. Both fighters trade at center ring. Left hook lands to the body for Peterson. Now Lipinets gets in a left to the body followed by a grazing right. Two hooks land upstairs for Lipinets. Peterson steps in and throws a series of hooks to the body. Jab lands for Peterson now, followed by a glancing right. Right hook lands to the body for Peterson. Peterson 10-9.

Round 4: Peterson starts of with a number of jabs, trying to keep Lipinets at arms reach. Right to the body lands for Peterson. Lipinets steps in and gets in his own left to the body. Two hooks miss upstairs for Lipinet but he gets in another left to the body moments later. Right hand lead lands for Lipinets. Peterson jabs and moves and then eats a right hand from Lipinets. Another lead right hand lands clean for Lipinets. Two more hooks come from Lipinets, then a couple of uppercuts. Good round for Lipinets. Lipinets 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Right hand partially lands for Lipinets. Lipinets charges forward behind a couple of punches as Peterson skips away. Hard left hook lands for Peterson to the body. Now Lipinets lands a right hand lead. Lipinets throwing hard with both hands. Jab lands for Lipinets, who then tries to work in a left uppercut on the inside. Both fighters trade hooks. Double left hook lands to the body for Peterson. Peterson lands a third left hook to the body. Lipinets comes right back in and tries to put in a chopping right. Counter right hand lands for Peterson at the end of the round. Peterson 10-9.

Some craziness just happened with the timekeeper and they bring both fighters back to have have a 30 second finish to the round. Apparently the round was accidentially ended too early. Peterson targets the body again with a jab. Lipinets walks foward but Peterson meets him with two hooks. Still Peterson 10-9.

Round 6: Lipinets lands a clean left hand to the head. Lipinets throws a left hook to the body and lands it. Chopping right lands for Lipinets. Now Peterson is getting to work on the inside and touching the body on both sides. Peterson contines to put in well-placed hooks to the body and they appear to be having an effect on Lipinets. Double left hook lands for Peterson. Both fighters trade shots and both land hard! Another left lands downstairs for Peterson. Peterson 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Both fighters trade to start the round. Peterson is working his straight shots on the outside while Lipinets tries to find space to land his hooks. Right hook lands on the inside for Peterson. Counter right from Lipinets just misses. Now Lipinets lands two hooks to the body, then an uppercut. Left hand to the body lands low for Peterson. Another left hook lands to the body for Peterson, then a right hook. I think Peterson still edges the round. Peterson 10-9.

Round 8: Peterson comes out using a jab. Lipinets goes on the attack and mixes in hooks and uppercut on the inside. Peterson throws a left hook to the body, then a right hook. Lipinets stops and lands a one-two, then a hard left hook, then a harder right hook! Peterson is hurt from the clean shots by Lipinets! Peterson’s legs are wobbly. Lipinets jabs to the body. Hard right lands for Lipinets and then a jab. Lipinets 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Peterson touches both sides of the body and then Lipinets tries to get one back. Right hand lands to the body for Peterson. Lipinets looks a little too tired to capitalize on the state that Peterson is. Now Lipinets tries to whip in some hard shots on the inside but can’t land that one clean punch. Left hook lands upstairfs for Lipinets, then a body shot. Left hook lands upstairs for Lipinets. I’m not sure that Peterson is fully recovered from the last round. Uppercut lands on the inside for Lipinets, then a thudding left hook to the body. Peterson looks like he’s wilting. Lipinets 10-9.

Round 10: Lipinets partially lands a right hook to open the round. Peterson pops a few jabs and then lands a left hook to the body. Lipinets responds with a couple of his own body shots. Peterson digs deep and throws to the body and head. Right uppercut lands at close range for Lipinets. Peterson steps in with a few shots as he tries to back Lipinets up. Straight left lands for Lipinets. Peterson is outworking Lipinets in this round, even if he’s not landing a lot of damaing punches. But now a big shot lands for Lipinets! Peterson is dazed and Lipinets follows it up with a few more shots and Peterson goes down violently! Peterson’s corner throws in the towel but the referee stops it anyway. Lipinets TKO-10.


Round 1: Clark starts with a cfew long jabs from his southpaw stance. Brown, who is also a southpaw is noticeably shorter and more compact, so he’s having some trouable dealing with Clark’s length. Two hooks come from Clark that land on Brown. Long left hand to the body touches Brown downstairs. Brown falls short on a big left hook. Jab lands for Clark, who then skips out of range on Brown’s counter attack. Clark 10-9.

Round 2: Clark leads with a jab that is partially blocked. Clark throws a combination and lands a right hook to the body. Brown charges inside and tries to loop in some hooks on the inside. One-two lands clean for Clark. Brown misses on two lead left hooks. Straight left lands to the body for Clark. Brown reaches helplessly on several punches from the outside — his arms just too short to box. Clark 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Clark misses on a jab to the body. Two shot hooks land on the inside for Clark. Clark lands a right hand but Brown gets in a shot of his own upstairs. Hard right hook from Brown stuns Clark badly! Clark falls into the ropes and doesn’t hit the deck but the referee rules it a knockdown. After the count Brown comes in with an assault. Clark fires back at the end of the round and yells in Brown’s face! Brown 10-8.

Round 4: Short counter hook partially lands for Brown — he’s trying to time another one. Brown charges in with two shots but Clark skips away. Hard left hand lands well for Clark, who then puts in down to the body moments later. Brown lands a shot to the body. Left hand to the body lands for Brown. Clark strages Brown with several shots along the ropes but Brown comes back with some big shots to finish the round and stuns him! DAVID IS LOOKING TO SLAY GOLIATH! Brown 10-9, 38-37.

Round 5: Brown is so much smaller than Clark but his heart and power has proven to be enough to hurt Clark. When he’s not hurting Clark he’s getting out-boxed. Brown is pressing forward and Clark is trying to pick him off with a jab from the outside. Left hook lands for Clark as he times Brown coming in. Clark 10-9.

Round 6: Clark starts with a couple jabs followed by a left hand. The fighters get in close and Brown tries to the several hooks to the body. Right hook to the body lands for Clark as he turns Brown to the ropes. The referee calls a break so Clark can get his mouthpiece back in. Clark circles the outside and pops a jab. Now Brown tries a jab to the body followed by a left hook upstairs. Clark is controlling this fight again from the outside as Brown has lost the range on that right hook. Clark 10-9, 57-56.

Round 7: Brown steps in with a straight left to the body. Now Browh throws several hard hooks to the body in succession. Clarks gets in a shot to the body. Brown starts with a hook to the body but then takes a few shots in return from Clark . Clark lands another hook down to the body. Brown jabs downstairs and then misses on a right hook upstairs. Short left hook lands for Brown, Clark gets in a right hook of his own. Two hard hooks come from Brown at the bell. I think Brown edged it. Brown 10-9.

Round 8: Clark lands a check right hook. Brown stalks forward but is having a hard time getting in range consistently. Now Brown lands a well-timed right hook on the inside. Jabs come from Clark, then a cuffing left hook. Jab lands clean for Clark on the outside. A couple more long punches lands for Clark to end the round. Clark 10-9, 76-75.

Round 9: Leaping right cook comes from Brown but it doesn’t find the target. Three quick punches come from Clark. Clark throws a left hook to the body but then Brown steps in and whips a few hooks to both sides of Clark’s body. Clark skips out the pocket and finds himself on the ropes. Clark lands a right hook to the body. Short right hook lands to the head for Clark. Brown stands in there and eats a few straight shots.before trying to go back to the body. Straight left lands for Brown. Good round of action. I edge it Clark, 10-9.

Round 10: Brown comes out on the attack but runs into Clark’s long jabs. Good left hand lands to the body for Clark, then a couple of jabs to the head. Brown is tiring and it’s allowing Clark to land his shots easier from range. Brown misses on a big right hook. Jab and right hand score for Clark as Brown tries to bob and weave his way in. Uppercut lands for Brown on the inside, Now Clark counters with a right hook. Clark 10-9. This was a good, fun fight. I’ve got it scored for Clark 96-93 but Brown made walk through fire for it.


Round 1: Peterson pops a jab that Mendez parries at center ring. Peterson tries to loop in a right hand but Mendez is ready for it and blocks it. Now Peterson lands a jab to the body. Peterson throws four jabs as he circles to his left, keeping Mendez at bay. Mendez throws a right hand to the body but falls short. Now Mendez misses on a lunging right hand upstairs. Peterson touches the body with a couple of more jabs and then circles away from Mendez’s counter attack. Left hook lands for Mendez, then a counter right hand. I feel like Peterson got the kind of round he wanted with his box-and-move style. Peterson 10-9.

Round 2: Peterson lands a jab to the body and then ducks a big right hook from Mendez. Several more jabs come from Peterson to the body and head. Right hand to the body lands for Mendez, that he partially lands a right hand upstairs. Peterson circles and throws a few punches on the move. Mendez needs to find a more effective way to cut off the ring, Peterson is largely moving to one side. Right hand to the body lands for Mendez. I think Peterson moved a little too much in this round. Mendez 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Peterson moves then stops and unloads a good combination. Now Peterson goes back on the move but Mendez catches him with a right hand on his way out. Three punches come from Mendez, five come back from Peterson. Another combination comes from Peterson as he finds spots to ambush Mendez. Counter right hand lands for Peterson. Solid right hand lands for Peterson, who then circles the ropes to end the round. Peterson 10-9.

Round 4: Peterson starts the round using lateral movement and then throws a few shots while Mendez covers up. Mendez misses on a straight right hand lead. Both fighters trade jabs at center ring. Mendez jabs to the body, then Peterson returns a jab to the head. Right hook to the body lands for Peterson, who then follows it up with a stabbing jab to the body. Peterson lands another jab at center ring. Peterson charges forward and throws a series of hooks as Mendez keeps a tight guard. Peterson 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Peterson opens with a quick jab, then throws two more as he circles to his left. Mendez misses on a right hand to the body. Mendez lands a jab this time and looks to come forward with another right hand to the body but misses. Peterson walks forward and throws a combination to the body and head. Hard left and right hook lands to the body for Peterson. Jab lands for Mendez, Peterson gets on e back. Now Peterson digs with two hard body shots. Mendez lands a hooks, Peterson lands one back. I think Peterson had the better combinations in the exchanges. Peterson 10-9.

Round 6: Mendez misses on a right hand to the body. Both fighters trade jabs, then Peterson follows it up with a couple more. Left hook lands to the body for Peterson at the end of a combination. Jab to the body lands for Peterson. Mendez attacks back but Peterson steps off the line and escapes. Right to the body lands for Mendez. Peterson throws another flurry but the punches glance off Mendez’s gloves. Mendez attacks with a combination but doesn’t land much clean. I don’t think Peterson is dominating by any stretch of the imagination but I think he’s edging the rounds. Peterson 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Jab lands clean for Mendez. Peterson throws a flurry but eats a shot in the middle of it. Right hand counter lands for Mendez. Mendez stalking and looking for another right hand. Left hook upstairs partially lands for Mendez. Right hand lead lands for Mendez, followed by a sharp jab. Another jab lands clean for Mendez. Mendez leads with another right straight that misses but the jab lands. Counter right lands for Mendez as Peterson tries to launch an assault. Mendez 10-9.

Round 8: Jab lands for Mendez as Peterson lands one of his own. Mendez stalks forward but can’t get in range before Peterson leaps out. Right hand partially lands for Mendez. Both fighters fall into a clinch and there’s a small clash of heads. Mendez misses on a right to the body and Peterson throws a short flurry of ineffective shots. Right hand to the body lands for Peterson. Mendez misses on a three-punch combination. Referee warns both fighters to keep it clean. I think Peterson edges it again. Peterson 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Mendez tries a jab that doesn’t land clean and Peterson steps away. Mendez throws several shots with Peterson on the ropes and makes partial contact. Both fighters trade and miss jabs. Now Peterson lands a jab and backs Mendez up a little. Mendez comes back with a couple punches and catches Peterson with a left hook. Peterson misses on a series of jabs and then tries to charge forward with a couple punches. Mendez tries to Maul Peterson at the end of the round as Peterson tries to run around the ring. Mendez 10-9.

Round 10: Last round. Mendez steps forward but Peterson circles the ropes. Now Peterson jabs on the move and continues to use all the real estate in the ring. Mendez lunges with a right hand as he tries to get to Peterson but can’t find the mark. Three left hooks come from Mendez that misses, then he lands the fourth a short time later. Peterson running around the ring like he has this fight in the bag. Jab lands for Mendez who backs Peterson to the ropes. Jab lands for Mendez and Peterson’s left eye looks swollen shut. Right hook lands for Mendez. Mendez 10-9. I’ve still got it scored for Peterson, 96-94.

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