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PBC on FS1 results: Aaron Coley, Lorenzo Simpson, Cobia Breedy pick up prelim wins

All three fights went to the cards.

Aaron Coley v Yosmani Abreu Photo by Alexis Cuarezma/Getty Images

Aaron Coley SD-8 Brandon Quarles

Scores were 78-74 and 79-73 for Coley, and 77-75 for Quarles. The Quarles (21-5-1, 10 KO) card was maybe a bit of home cooking, as Quarles was the more local fighter and the judge who scored it for him is a local judge. BLH had it 78-74 for Coley, who improves to 16-2-1 (7 KO) with the win. Both of these guys are decent veteran fighters at 154/160, but hardly charging for world titles or anything. Coley’s southpaw stance and jab gave Quarles too many fits to overcome.

Lorenzo Simpson UD-4 Jaime Meza

Scores were 40-35, 40-35, and 40-36. BLH had it 40-35. Maybe the 40-36 judge forgot to score the knockdown, because I have a hard time seeing any of the other three rounds being 10-10 for Meza to make up the point. Simpson (3-0, 2 KO) is a 19-year-old middleweight prospect out of Baltimore, a southpaw who looks to have skills. He was made to go the distance by the debuting Meza, a soft body guy over a decade Simpson’s senior, who really couldn’t land a punch to save his life, but was tough and hung in there and gave the kid a few rounds, and that came after this start to the fight, which is honestly one of the funniest knockdowns you’ll ever see:

Cobia Breedy TD-6 Fernando Fuentes

Scores were 58-56, 58-56, and 59-55. The fight, originally scheduled for eight rounds, was stopped in the sixth when the two nastily clashed heads and Fuentes (14-8-1, 4 KO) was cut over the eye. The doctor advised stopping it, so the referee did, and we went to the cards. The butt was just a case of both guys lunging in at the same time, nothing malicious from anyone. Breedy (13-0, 4 KO) doesn’t look like a really serious featherweight prospect to me; a little awkward, a little wild, and a little old at 27 to change significantly. But he’s a fighter and had a nice post-fight interview.

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