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Tyson Fury takes more slaps at Wilder, Joshua

The talk continues in the heavyweight division.

The trend continues, with the heavyweights talking a better game than they are performing in the ring.

In a chat with BT Sport, Tyson Fury showed his slashingly humorous charisma, busting on rival Deontay Wilder and possible future face-off Anthony Joshua, both of whom he offered to employ when they go broke.

Fury and promoter Frank Warren both started off chill, and sounded like they were down with having Fury sequel with Wilder sooner rather than later. Then the “Gypsy King” got heated up and ranting a bit.

”Tyson will be the most known heavyweight out there being on the ESPN platform,” Warren said.

“Hopefully we’ll get on after (Fury fights Tom Schwarz and Wilder meets Dominic Breazeale),” said Fury, before quickly pivoting to insulting Wilder.

”I have no interest in talking about the bum. AJ is an even bigger dosser. Tell you what I can do with them two, yeah, I can give ‘em a job carrying my boots and bags,” he said.

They will fight each other and when they go broke, they can get work from Fury, he said.

“You can brush up the drive, carry me bags, clean me pool, feed me animals and pick up the dog poop. ‘Cause that’s all you’ll be good for,” he said, chuckling.

Neither Wilder nor AJ are blessed with big brains, he declared. And he also went from saying that a Wilder sequel would probably occur sooner rather than later, to opining that he’d be unmoved if they didn’t hit the reset button, because he thinks he beat the Alabama boxer clearly the first time out.

The hitter, who looked pretty fit, fights June 15 at Thomas & Mack in Las Vegas, and said he’s dreamed he’d fight there.

“It’s took me 30 years to get to this position,” he said, and he hinted at having other dates set, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t reveal more.

And he didn’t end there. He said he likes Warren to down Eddie Hearn if they get in a fighting place.

My three cents: So all in all, Fury looks as expected, loose and confident. Fury’s ability to talk that great game will indeed up his visibility quotient in America. I’d expect to see him booked on a Jimmy Kimmel Show before the end of the year and yes, with his gift of banter, and Top Rank’s chops at hyping, he could well be the best-known active heavyweight in America by the end of 2019.

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