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Porters: We’ve already said yes to an Errol Spence fight

Kenny and Shawn Porter say they’re ready and willing to unify with Errol Spence right now.

Kenny Porter on what he thought of Errol Spence’s last performance and what they think of a unification bout with Spence:

“Spence looked tremendous. I expected him to. He put on a dominant performance, I expected a dominant performance from him. He had a great crowd there, I think it was over 47,000 and I heard the PPV buys were great as well. I’m very happy about that.

“And as far as anything beyond that, with us, [Spence] just needs to make that decision because we’ve already said ‘yes’ to the people that matter, not just to someone who’s interviewing us. We said ‘yes’ to the people that matter, they know we’ve already accepted the fight.

“There was never any point that we were offered the fight — even now we haven’t been offered the fight. We’ve never been offered the fight before this...[Spence] is considering Pacquiao and I understand that, that’s great for him if he can pull that fight off. But like Shawn said: ‘don’t look left, don’t look right,’ look right here and we’re willing to take that right now, as soon as they say yes to it.”

On if they want to take an interim bout before facing Spence:

“Nah, we don’t want anything else.”

On if they’d want that fight in Las Vegas or Dallas:

“We love Dallas. We’d come to Dallas. Yeah, we’d do that.”

On if he noticed anything in Spence’s game that he thinks Shawn could take advantage of:

“You know what? I’m not gonna say there were things that I saw in that fight that would work well for Shawn. I’m just gonna simply say this: two different types of fighters. [Shawn] is not the guy that you’re gonna hit and he’s gonna stop hitting back. It ain’t gonna happen. So when you’re in a fight with someone who’s actually able to hit you, and hit you when you hit them — it’s a totally different type of fight.

“Mikey [Garcia] was more defensive, and then when it was time for him to get his offense off, it didn’t seem like he could get his offense off at all. So you’re not gonna be with a guy in Shawn Porter who’s gonna sit back and try to be defensive. Not gonna happen. So it’s gonna be a fight breaking out real soon — it’s gonna happen. All we need is the opportunity.”

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