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Mosley breaks down Canelo-Jacobs

Shane Mosley gives his take on how the Canelo Alvarez-Daniel Jacobs fight will play out.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Shane Mosley shares his thoughts on the upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs fight and why he thinks Jacobs will give Canelo a tough time in the ring. Check it out...

Mosley on Canelo-Jacobs:

“I think it’s definitely a 50/50, back-and-forth. And that’s another fight that’s really good because Jacobs is really a big 60-pounder. I think he’s a 68-pounder — he’s a big dude. He’s really big and Canelo is really pushing himself to up with that type of weight.”

On Canelo being said to considering even bigger opponents at 175:

“Man...that’s crazy that he going to up that high but he has great skills. He’s really good, and I love him — I think he’s a great fighter, man. Even when I fought him when he was a kid, he was like 20 years old...[I was thinking] ’There’s no way this lil’ young kid is gonna [beat me], I don’t care how good they think he is. He can’t beat me.’

“So I’m sitting there trying to make him break, make him break, and he was doing all kinds of technical stuff. I’m like ‘wow, this is past his days — of the stuff that he knows, the ring generalship and the blocking and the body shots and the jabs’...Man, he totally surprised me...I knew he was good but I didn’t think he would have that type of knowledge, that ring generalship, when I got in the ring with him. And he did...”

Mosley continuing to break down Canelo-Jacobs:

“It’s gonna be a tough fight for Canelo because is a long fighter, throws long jabs, good right hands, and even GGG had a hard time trying to attack. So, I’m not sure how Canelo’s gonna be able to get inside, even though I know he’s fast enough and knows how to move and duck. But how will he be able to get inside and get those shots off on Jacobs?

“GGG’s an attacker, he’s coming at you. So it’s easy for you to counter. But this guy’s not gonna be coming at you, this guy’s gonna stand in the back and throw those long punches. How do you change that up? I don’t know.”

On if he’s saying he expects Jacobs to box on the outside rather than impose his size on Canelo coming forward:

“Yeah, I think he’ll use his height and his size ‘cause that’s the way he fights. Seems like he fights with throwing the jab, everything off the jab, the right hand, and the long shots...and he’s powerful like that. So if Canelo falls to sleep he could get caught with something pretty big. And I think Jacobs has that type of power that can knock you out.

“This is a different type of fight...So I’ not sure how Canelo’s gonna get inside and use his counter body shots and things like that, and how’s he gonna try to bully Jacobs.”

On if it wouldn’t be more intuitive for the bigger Jacobs to come forward and apply pressure on Canelo:

“I don’t know if that’ll be a good idea for Jacobs because Canelo’s really fast and a counterpuncher. And that’s what GGG did already. So now there has to be something different...I don’t think Jacobs’ style is like GGG’s style, as far as strength — that’s not his strong point, coming at a guy. His strong point is, maybe, toe-to-toe or maybe a little bit to the side — side-stepping. That’s why he had a good time with GGG...

“But like I said, I don’t know how they’re gonna do this so that’s why we wanna watch it and see what happens.”

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