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Mayhem in Melrose results: Greg Vendetti takes decision over Alan Zavala in Murphys Boxing main event

Greg Vendetti bounced back from defeat to pick up a win on Facebook FightNight Live.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Junior middleweight Greg Vendetti returned home to Massachusetts tonight in the main event of Facebook FightNight Live, beating Mexico’s Alan Zavala over 10 rounds of action at Melrose’s Memorial Hall on a Murphys Boxing card.

Vendetti (21-3-1, 12 KO) went over to France this past December for a shot at contender Michel Soro, and was stopped in two rounds. But he got right back into the ring tonight, and won a decision on scores of 97-93, 98-92, and 99-91. BLH had it 98-92 for Vendetti.

Vendetti, 28, was the better boxer from the jump, though Zavala (15-4, 13 KO) was there to mix it up and gave it an honest effort, having come in on very short notice. The 25-year-old Zavala was knocked back into the ropes in the ninth round, and cut early in the 10th, forcing the doctor to take a look, but the fight continued.

Both made it to that final bell, having spent their energy by that point, and Vendetti got his hand raised, as he deserved.

Ryan Kielczewski UD-8 Nick Otieno

Scores were 79-73, 79-72, and 80-72. 45-year-old Otieno (31-16, 13 KO) was at his best at bantamweight, but fought as a lightweight here. He was still tricky enough to go the distance. 29-year-old Kielczewski (30-4, 11 KO) got the New England hype some years back, then kinda ran into the wall of his limitations. He’s a decent fighter and can be really entertaining, tough and fights his ass off, and says he’ll fight at 126, 130, 135, “whatever pays more.”

Mike O’Han Jr MD-6 Shakha Moore

Moore, a 42-year-old New England club vet, hasn’t won since 2015 and hadn’t fought since 2017, but he showed some craftiness and gave welterweight O’Han a valuable learning experience. O’Han (9-0, 5 KO) did deserve the win, but one judge saw it even. Scores were 57-57, 58-56, and 59-55 for O’Han, who was described by color commentator John Vena as a guy who “does nothing great, but does everything pretty well.”

Luis Arcon KO-2 Zack Ramsey

Venezuelan junior welterweight Arcon stays perfect, going to 6-0 (6 KO) with a domination of Ramsey (8-7, 4 KO), who has now lost six straight. Ramsey took a knee in the first after some shots in the corner, and Arcon landed a shot while Ramsey was clearly down. But since the referee was late getting over there to possibly prevent that, he chose to just ignore that it happened. Ramsey took another knee in the first round, then was dropped and stopped at 1:39 of the second round. Arcon fought at the 2016 Olympics, losing to Armenia’s Hovhannes Bachkov in the round of 32.

James Perella TKO-1 Andre Belcarris

Belcarris did not come to play, give him that. He came out throwing haymakers at a much taller man. Didn’t pay off, though, as Belcarris (0-6, 0 KO) was dropped three times and stopped inside of the first round. Perella (2-0, 2 KO) is a four-time Boston Golden Gloves champion, and turned pro just a couple weeks ago, on March 13. He put Belcarris down first with a left hook to the body, then a right to the ribs, then whacked him with a right to the head and the referee stepped in at 2:13. 26 is a little on the older side for a prospect with just two fights and no, like, incredible amateur résumé, but I’m definitely interested in seeing this kid fight again.

Joe Farina TKO-3 Carlos Galindo

South Boston welterweight Farina (6-1, 4 KO) was the vastly superior boxer here, as Galindo (1-9, 0 KO) was just awful as far as technique goes. 37-year-old Galindo was also as gassed as gassed gets after two rounds, and took a long time to actually come out of his corner to start the third, which in hindsight he probably shouldn’t have. Farina put him down with a body shot quickly, and Galindo, bless him, got up and tried to fight on. The southpaw Farina clipped him with a left to the head that sent Galindo awkwardly staggering into the corner, then dropped him again, and the referee mercifully stopped the fight at 1:05 of round three.

Craig O’Brien UD-6 Antonio Chaves Fernandez

Scores were 59-55, 59-55, and 60-54, which seemed about right, as Dublin’s O’Brien improves to 10-1 (1 KO), while the 40-year-old trial horse Chaves Fernandez falls to 9-36-4 (3 KO). O’Brien’s only loss came to Anthony Fowler in July of last year.

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