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Price vs Ali results: David Price gets DQ win on bite from Kash Ali

Heavyweight David Price picked up another win thanks to opponent Kash Ali biting him.

Boxing at M&S Bank Arena Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

David Price picked up a win today at home in Liverpool, but certainly not the way he wanted, and opponent Kash Ali probably sank his own boxing career in the process.

Price (24-6, 19 KO) beat Ali by disqualification in the fifth round, when Ali tackled and bit Price on the stomach to end a strange fight that had some dramatic moments before the finish.

The 35-year-old Price, who has now won two straight, dealt with the garbage tactics of Ali (15-1, 7 KO) all fight long. Ali, 27, repeatedly fouled and appeared to have bitten Price earlier in the bout, too, and he lost a point in the third round for his behavior.

But through all that, Ali was still there in the fifth round, and it looked like Price had run his gas tank empty, as he wobbled around the ring with Ali trying to capitalize. As Ali pressed the action, Price clipped him with a right hand — which clearly hurt Ali every time it happened in the fight — knocking Ali woozy but still standing.

At that point, Ali tackled Price and blatantly bit him on the stomach, leaving a huge mark. Referee Mark Lyson had seen enough, and rightly so, calling for the disqualification at 2:20 of the fifth round.

It was a shameful display from Ali, who was coming up from the British club circuit for what was by far the biggest fight of his career, and I’d doubt we see him get any more chances on major cards.

In that sense, among others, it was also a boldly stupid movie, as Ali hung around longer than many expected, fouls or not, and might well have had some paydays ahead of him testing out heavyweight prospects in the United Kingdom. Those are probably gone now.

“It’s a disappointing way to win,” Price said. “He’s lost his head completely.” He added that he was “not too pleased with his own performance,” but, he said, “The main thing is that I move forward. Any win, I’ll take. So I got the win, and we move on.”

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