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Robert Garcia: Nothing really concerns us about Spence fight

Trainer Robert Garcia gives an update on what he’s seen from his brother Mikey during training camp.

During this media scrum Mikey Garcia’s older brother and trainer, Robert, talks about what he’s seen out of Mikey so far in training camp and why they’re team doesn’t have any real concerns heading into a fight against Errol Spence.

On Mikey sparring bigger opponents to prepare for Spence:

“That’s the big difference, you know, he’s definitely sparring bigger guys. Falcao and Carlos Adames — you know, they’re both pretty heavy right now — but they’re giving him good work. Falcao has been giving him really good work and Mikey’s been able to hang in there with him. So is Alexis Rocha who is very talented, you know, one of the top prospects at welterweight. So that’s a big difference, sparring bigger guys.”

On how Mikey has been carrying the extra weight:

“Well look, it’s pretty interesting. We didn’t expect him to be able to do what he’s doing in the ring with these guys. There’s times where he plans out to push ‘em back and back ‘em up and he’s able to do it. And we asked Falcao, you know, ‘did you purposely let him do it?’ He’s like ‘No, I can’t back him up. He’s just too strong.’ You know, Falcao tells us he just can’t do it, he says Mikey’s just too strong right now.”

On how Mikey’s movement has been looking:

“Well that’s one thing that we’re doing a lot, obviously, going side-to-side, a lot of lateral movement and he’s been doing it perfectly.”

On what their biggest concerns about the fight are:

“Well look, Mikey’s been there, many championship fights. Obviously this is the biggest, the biggest challenge, bigger guy, heavier guy. But now, to the point we’re at in training, nothing really concerns us. We know [Spence] is gonna be the heavier guy in the ring, but I don’t think he’s gonna be the better or the smarter guy. If we have a concern, maybe it’s gonna be a 10-12lb difference, but these guys have 20lb difference on Mikey right now and they haven’t been able to do much.”

On if he’s expecting Mikey to fight a technical fight:

“We’re gonna do that, especially the first two rounds, just to figure out what Errol Spence is bringing to the fight. But if having to back him up and fight on the inside is necessary then we’re gonna do it. Mikey’s prepared to do it.”

On if Mikey’s already on weight:

“He was on weight when he took the fight, that’s the problem [laughs]. He does walk around at 155-158 so we haven’t really been trying to cut any weight yet. So if he has to lose 6-8lbs before the weigh-in, that won’t be a problem. But we’re not even focused on the weight right now.”

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