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Deontay Wilder labels Tyson Fury a ‘lying rat’

Deontay Wilder doesn’t seem too happy about not getting the Tyson Fury rematch.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The fallout over the fallout of the now defunct Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury rematch continues to be a talking point between the two heavyweights. Following some social media posts by Tyson Fury, claiming he landed a $100M deal to sign with Top Rank and ESPN, triggered a strong reaction from the WBC champion.

“Yea, the rumors are true @Tyson_Fury I knocked you into a concussion,” Wilder wrote in a Twitter post. “Let me update your brain. I got receipts and it says [you’re] a lying rat #OnMoses. We’ll see who needs who and I’m telling you it’s going to hurt but you’ll get over it. Meanwhile Let me drop this receipt #ExcuseMe.”

Wilder would shortly follow up with this Tweet directed at Fury, including a video of Arum sort of disputing the amount of money Fury is set to earn under his new deal...

“Stop being a CloutChasingHoe @Tyson_Fury. Your boss said that’s not close to being accuracte. In fact that deal was made off the hopes of a rematch with me and if I don’t bless you again [you’re] F***d you big boring no power #Dosser. I’m the Champ but hey don’t take my word just wait...”

I suppose all of this could serve as a build-up to a potential fall fight between Wilder and Fury — with Arum acknowledging he wants to build the rematch into a much bigger event — but really it seems that it’s just as likely that a rematch never happens at all.

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