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Bivol vs Smith Jr: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Dmitry Bivol takes on Joe Smith Jr in a light heavyweight title main event.

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Matchroom Boxing

Tonight at 7:00 pm ET streaming live on DAZN, Dmitry Bivol returns in the main event to defend his WBA light heavyweight title against power punching challenger Joe Smith Jr, with Maurice Hooker defending his WBO junior welterweight title against Mikkel LesPierre in the co-feature.

Bivol (15-0, 11 KO) has been on a tear the past couple of years, making a name for himself in the 175-pound division with destructive victories over Samuel Clarkson, Cedric Agnew, and Trent Broadhurst, before stepping up his competition a bit. His last three wins have come over Sullivan Barrera, Isaac Chilemba, and former champ Jean Pascal, and he’s proven he has the motor to go 12 rounds effectively in those outings, all one-sided in his favor.

Smith (24-2, 20 KO) probably can’t box with Bivol, but he’s a legitimately dangerous puncher and an intriguing underdog because of that. Smith really got on the radar with his first round TKO win over Andrzej Fonfara in 2016, and used the headlines he made from that win to land a fight with Bernard Hopkins six months later, where he knocked the legendary Hopkins out of the ring, literally and figuratively. He suffered a loss and a broken jaw at the hands of Sullivan Barrera in 2017, but came back last summer with a tune-up win, and now he’s stepping back into the spotlight.

Hooker (25-0-3, 17 KO) had trouble making weight on Friday, but eventually did it, and will defend his 140-pound belt against LesPierre (21-0-1, 10 KO), an unbeaten but unproven challenger.

The show will also feature Callum Johnson (17-1, 12 KO) facing Seanie Monaghan (29-2, 17 KO) in a light heavyweight fight, and heavyweight action between Sergey Kuzmin (14-0, 11 KO) and Joey Dawejko (19-6-4, 11 KO). Both of those fights are set for 10 rounds.

Wil Esco is on the call tonight.


  • DMITRY BIVOL def. JOE SMITH JR. by UD (118-110, 119-109, 119-109)
  • MAURICE HOOKER def. MIKKEL LESPIERRE by UD (120-107, 119-108, 118-109)
  • CALLUM JOHNSON def. SEANIE MONAGHAN by TKO (0:23 of Round 3)
  • SERGEY KUZMIN def. JOEY DAWEJKO by MD (95-95, 96-94, 96-94)



Round 1: Smith comes out throwing hard shots that miss. Smith tries a jab to the body that misses as well. Now Bivol lands a counter jab. Bivol lands another straight jab as Smith comes foward. Hard jab lands for Bivol at center ring. Smith looks up and downstairs but can’t land clean on two hooks once he closes the distance. Bivol sticking to his effective straight shots which have allowed him to control Smith’s aggression. Bivol 10-9.

Round 2: Bivol starts the round by landing a solid jab to the body. Smith just misses on a big right hand and Bivol misses on the counter. Another stiff jab lands to the body for Bivol, who is just the better technician in the ring. Bivol turns a jab into a lead hook and partially lands on Smith. Lead left hook comes from Bivol again and makes contact. Right hand to the body lands for Bivol. Smith is having difficulty coping with Bivol’s well-rounded skill set. Bivol lands a combination and Smith misses with a wild hook. Bivol 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Bivol falls short with a jab to the body to start this round. Smith throws three jabs, and has been throwing plenty of them, but he’s not landing them at all. Lead hook partially lands for Bivol again. Bivol tries to counter with a right hand but doesn’t land it too clean. Now Bivol lets his hands go a little more and starts touching Smith up. Bivol 10-9.

Round 4: Smith is sporting a little mouse under his right eye to start the fourth round. Bivol probes with his footwork and then steps out of range once Smith commits to an attack. Smith is getting dominated on the punch stats thus far in the fight. RIght hook lands upstairs for Smith! He thinks it’s his chance to jump on Bivol but Bivol is able to use lateral movement to get out of danger. Straight right hand to the body lands for Bivol, who is easily outboxing Smith. Four left hands come from Bivol as Smith tries to press forward. Bivol 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Smith tells his trainer that Bivol is “slippery” in the ring, showing a little frustration with Bivol’s boxing ability. Jab lands for Bivol. Smith throws three jabs that all fall short. Smith comes in with his head and causes a break. Smith comes back in and this time he walks into a Bivol punch. Left hook lands on the inside for Bivol. Smith misses on a homerun right hand. Smith walks into another left hook and Bivol keeps his left hand pumping to keep Smith at arm’s reach. Bivol still in full control. Bivol 10-9.

Round 6: Bivol defends a few shots from Smith to open the round. Bivol picks Smith off with a couple of long jabs. Two jabs land for Bivol again at cetner ring. Smith just can’t cope with the craft of Bivol, and he can’t seem to overwhelm Bivol with his pressure or power either. Hard one-two lands for Bivol with Smith’s back towards the ropes. Clean uppercut lands for Bivol this time, popping Smith’s head up. Bivol 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Smith pumps a few jabs that don’t make contact. Bivol responds with his own jabs that pierce Smith’s guard. Smith lunges in behind a straight right hand but Bivol steps out of range. Hard left hook from Bivol hurts Smith! Bivol steps in and lets go with both hands! Another three punches come from Bivol as Smith puts the earmuffs on. Bivol 10-9.

Round 8: Bivol jabs to the body to open the round. Now Bivol partially lands a right hand. Smith tries an overhand right that misses. Smith tries the same punch again and gets the same results. Bivol stops and pops a jab and right hand. Left hook lands again for Bivol and shakes up Smith a little bit. Four hard shots land for Bivol and put Smith on the ropes. Smith is getting systematically destroyed in this fight, Bivol is just too skilled for him. Bivol 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Bivol jabs to the body. Counter right hand lands for Bivol, who then lands another good right hand to the body. The fighters get tied up and Smith picks Bivol up and slams him to the canvas out of frustration. The referee gives Smith a stern warning that he’ll take a point the next time. Bivol lands a jab a center ring. Double left hook comes from Bivol and backs Smith up. Now Bivol throws a couple more jabs that stuff Smith in the face. Bivol 10-9.

Round 10: Bivol lands a jab to the body again to start the round. Bivol misses on a counter right but lands the follow up jab. Bivol is picking Smith off at will and Smith hasn’t been able to get anything going in this fight. Flurry comes from Bivol and Smith just covers up and waits for him to finish. Counter left hook lands clean for Bivol. Another left hook lands for Bivol with Smith along the ropes. Hard right hand from Smith lands at the bell and shakes Bivol up! Bivol 10-9, 100-90.

Round 11: Smith tries to jump right on Bivol, hoping he’s still hurt from the end of the last round. Bivol circles most of Smith’s attack and now Bivol is trying to get back to his jab. Chopping right hand lands for Smith. Three punches come from Bivol as Smith puts his gloves up to block. Another right hand comes from Smith that makes some solid contact. Smith still coming forward and trying to land another big shot. I’m putting Smith on the board in this round. Smith 10-9.

Round 12: Smith starts with a left hook that Bivol catches on his glove. Smith misses on an overhand right. Bivol fighting cautiously and staying out of range of Smith’s power. Smith comes forward with two jabs as Bivol tries to get back to center ring. Bivol misses on a lead left hook. Counter right hand lands clean for Bivol. Sharp jab lands clean for Bivol at center ring. Bivol charges forward with a flurry of punches to the final bell! Bivol 10-9. I’ve got it for Bivol 119-109.


Round 1: Hooker paws with his jab a number of times and then throws a right hand. Another right hand lands to the body for Hooker, then another. Hooker doubles the straight right and then turns the next one into a hook. Hooker throws a right hook upstairs and circles along the ropes. Another straight right to the body lands for Hooker. Now Hooker lands a jab after feinting another right hand. Three straight rights come in a row from Hooker. Hooker landing his jab now against the southpaw LesPierre. Two more right hands come from Hooker, than a third. Good round for Hooker, 10-9.

Round 2: Hooker paws some more jabs and then lands a right to the body. LesPierre misses on a left hook to the body. Left hook partially lands for Hooker, who then follows it up with a straight right to the body. LesPierre catches the next right hook from Hooker to the head. Hooker throws a combination as LesPierre hides behind a high guard. Now Hooker lands an uppercut with his right hand. LesPierre tries to throw a few shots once he gets Hooker to the ropes but nothing lands too effectively. Now LesPierre lands an uppercut but eats a right hand from Hooker in return. Double right hand from Hooker at the bell. Hooker 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Hooker feints a jab and then lands one. LesPierre steps forward and tries to land a body shot. Both fighters trade shots at center ring. Hooker reaches with a right hand that falls short. Now Hooker throws another one and lands it clean. LesPierre misses on a lead right hook and Hooker comes with a counter. Hooker jabs to the head and body as LesPierre walks forward but throwing few punches. Now Hooker unloads a volley of punches that are lands well on LesPierre. Hooker 10-9.

Round 4: LesPierre comes out with a more aggressive posture and misses with an uppercut from the outside. Jab lands for Hooker, then a right hand to the body. Now Hooker lands a clean right hand followed by a left hook. Right hand and left hook to the body catch LesPierre clean. LesPierre is getting caught with a lot of clean shots but has seemed to be taking them well so far. LesPierre steps in and lands a shot to the body. Left hook lands for Hooker again, followed by a straight right hand. Jab lands for Hooker at mid-range. Hard right to the body lands again for Hooker. Two more straight rights come from Hooker just before the bell. Hooker 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Hooker leads with a jab but misses. LesPierre throws a jab and Hooker loses his mouthpiece. Hooker lands a shot that puts LesPierre down but it’s ruled a slip for some reason. Hooker goes on the attach and starts strafing LesPierre along the ropes. Hooker goes back down to the body with a right hand and LesPierre smothers his attack. LesPierre comes forward with a left hand that falls just short. Now LesPierre lands a left hand to the body. Hooker gets back to the jab at center ring. LesPierre throws a short combination but doesn’t get good leverage on his shots with some poor balance. Hooker throws another straight right to the body. Clean right hand lands on LesPierre’s chin and buckles his knee. Hooker tries to follow it up to put him down but the bell rings. Hooker 10-9.

Round 6: LesPierre flicks a couple of jabs and then a right hook that doesn’t seem to have much power on it. Hooker responds with a hard left hook to the body, then looks to land the right hand. LesPierre lands an uppercut on the inside. Hooker walks forward and lands a lead right hand to the head. Clean counter hook to the body lands for LesPierre, maybe his best shot of the fight. Left hook lands for Hooker this time and knocks LesPierre back just a little. LesPierre has a small cut around his left eye. Hooker throws two more hooks to the body and the misses on a big one to the head moments later. Better round for LesPierre but I don’t think it’s enough. Hooker 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Hooker using his jab to measure the distance against LesPierre. Hooker tries to time a right hand but doesn’t quite land it. Hooker goes back down to the body with a right hand. LesPierre walks forward and gets in a couple body shots. Hooker starts jabbing again and lands a clean right hand across the face. LesPierre throws a series of ineffective punches and Hooker circles back to center ring. Right hand lead lands again for Hooker. Hooker 10-9.

Round 8: Hooker jabs and misses. Hooker steps back in with another right hand to the body but LesPierre blocks this one. Hooker throws a three-punch combination and makes solid contact with LesPierre. Two hard body shots land well for Hooker. LesPierre lands a left hand. Hooker using his reach advantage to keep LesPierre at bay and then lands a jab. Left hand to the body lands for LesPierre. Hooker throws a few punches at the end of the round and I still think he’s winning these rounds despite LesPierre putting up a better effort. Hooker 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: LesPierre comes in and lands a straight left downstairs. LesPierre comes forward behind three more punches. Hooker loads up on a bunch of hooks to the body and head and puts LesPierre down with a left hook to the body! LesPierre is sucking wind hard and gets up at the count of nine. Hooker comes forward and throws two more punches down to the body. Hooker throws a left hook to the head and body but LesPierre is riding the shots pretty well. Right hook lands for Hooker, then a left to the body. Straight right hand lands for Hooker, then LesPierre throws a flurry of punches to end the round. Hooker 10-8.

Round 10: Hooker lands a jab to open the round. LesPierre throws a short combination, finishing to the body. Right hand to the body lands for Hooker. Both fighters taking a bit of a breather here with not much action for a minute straight. Hooker lands another jab, then pokes to the body. Now Hooker throws a right hand to the body and a left hook to the chin. Hooker jabs to the body and head and then just misses on a right hand to the head. Hooker 10-9, 100-89.

Round 11: Both fighters try to mix it up to start the round but neither land anything clean. Check left hook lands for Hooker. LesPierre lands a left hand that snaps Hooker’s head. Two left hooks to the body land for Hooker. Right hand lead partially lands for Hooker, who then lands a jab right after. Another short combination lands for Hooker. LesPierre tries to respond with a couple of shots. LesPierre has been fighting hard but he just can’t do enough to win these rounds for me. Hooker 10-9.

Round 12: LesPierre steps forward and throws a jab that falls short. Hooker is on the ropes momentarily but LesPierre can’t capitalize. Hooker throws downstairs with two shorts and LesPierre moves off the ropes and throws a series of straight punches. Hooker steps in this time and lands a left hook to the head. Straight right hand lands for Hooker. LesPierre jumps in behind a a series of punches but Hooker is able to defend them pretty well. LesPierre throes another short combination but he just doesn’t have much pop on those punches. Hooker throws another right hand to the body and then lands a solid left hook downstairs. I’ve got it a shutout for Hooker, 120-107.


Round 1: Johnson jabs to the head and body. Johnson lands a jab upstairs, Monaghan tries to counter with a jab of his own. Double left hook lands for Johnson. Monaghan looks like he has damage to his eye already. Left hook to the body lands for Johnson. Monaghan lands a jab but Johnson walk s right through it and throws uppercut ands hooks to the body. Two hard shots land for Johnson with Monaghan along the ropes. Monaghan is taking a lot of hard shots early. Right hooks to the body lands for Johnson, who is pounding him along the ropes. Johnson 10-9.

Round 2: Johnson comes out on the attack again, throwing stiff jabs and pressing forward. Monaghan throws two jabs that fall short. Jab to the body and head lands for Johnson, followed by a hard two-punch combination that lands solidly on Monaghan. Monaghan’s face is busted up already, he’s bleeding quite a bit. Right hook partially lands for Johnson, who’s now the one fight off the ropes. Hard counter right lands for Johnson and Monaghan cumbles to the canvas. Monaghan beats the count but he’s takes a few more shots from Johnson and goes right back down! The referee lets this fight continue when it obviously shouldn’t. Johnson 10-7.

Round 3: Hard jab lands for Johnson, who comes forward with barrage of more punches with Monaghan trapped in the corner — the referee steps in and stops it. Johnson TKO-3.


Round 1: Dawejko feints a jab to the body, then throws a left hook upsatirs. Kuzmin throws a stiff jab upstairs but doesn’t make solid contact. Dawejko tries a counter right hand that misses, then lands a right hook to the body. Jab to the body lands for Kuzmin. Kumin pushes Dawejko to the canvas and gets a light warning from the referee. Dawejko lands a jab then misses on a wide right hook. Dawejko tries another overhand right that misses but follows it up with a left to the body. Hard left to the body lands for Kuzmin. I think Dawejko boxed pretty well in the opening round. Dawejko 10-9.

Round 2: Kuzmin lands a hard right cross upstairs. Now both fighters trade jabs at center ring. Kuzmin presses forward behind his longer jab and looks for a place to land the right hand. Dawejko slips a jab and then Kuzmin pulls down on his head once again, with the referee warning him about it another time. Kuzmin jabs to the body and lands. Left hook lands this time for Kuzmin. Kuzmin 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Dawejko lands a jab to the body, Kuzmin returns the favor. Hard right hand lands for Kuzmin to the gut. Dawejko charges forward with two hooks to the body but Kuzmin pulls out of range. Cuffing right hand from Kuzmin knocks Dawejko off balance momentarily. Dawejko tries to jabs to the body but the punches fall short. Kuzmin presses again and lands his left hand to the body. Kuzmin 10-9.

Round 4: Kuzmin comes to center ring and tries to establish his jab. Dawejko partially lands a jab to the body. Dawejko tries an overhand right than lands on the back of Kuzmin’s shoulder. Dawejko misses on a lead left hook. RIght hand lands for Kuzmin. Kuzmin throws a one-one-two that makes some contact but Dawejko shakes his head. Pretty slow round but I think Kuzmin takes it. Kuzmin 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Kuzmin jabs to the body at center ring. Counter right hand lands this time for Dawejko after drawing out Kuzmin’s attack. Kuzmin throws an uppercut and a hook but doesn’t land it clean. Two jabs come from Kuzmin. Dawejko tries to jabs to the body but diesn’t quite land it, but then lands a jab upstairs. Dawejko throws two hooks to the body as he gets on the inside. Dawejko has a small cut over his right eye. Kuzmin 10-9.

Round 6: Kuzmin lands a stiff jab downstairs. Now Kuzmin throws a right hand to the body. Kuzmin apparently has hurt the thumb on his lead left hand. Dawejko partially lands a left hook to the body. Kuzmin lands a jab to the face and snaps Dawejko’s head. Dawejko weaves a few shots from Kuzmin and gets inside but still doesn’t get a chance to get off any punches of his own. Now Dawejko lands a left hook to the head. I think Dawejko takes this one. Dawejko 10-9, 47-48.

Round 7: Dawejko lands a lead left hook to the head. Now Dawejko throws a right hand that lands to the body. Kuzmin has been hesistant to throw that left it seems, since injuring his thumb. Now Kuzmin lands a straight right hand to the body, then lands a jab shortly after. Kuzmin steps in close and throws a short right hook that partially lansd. Kuzmin throws two pawing jabs to keep Dawejko at range. Kuzmin 10-9.

Round 8: Dawejko throws a flicking jab to the body. Two jabs come from Dawejko again but don’t make much contact. Short left hook to the body lands for Dawejko as he counters Kuzmin’s pawing jab. Dawejko lands two hooks on Kuzmin on the inside. Kuzmin throws a short uppercut on the inside but I think Dawejko outwork Kuzmin here. Dawejko 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Kuzmin alnds a couple of good right hands. Kuzmin steps backin and throws another right hand. Dawejko tries a looping right hand that misses once again. Hard right uppercut lands to the body for Kuzmin. Kuzmin throws a chopping right hand and Dawejko complains to the referee about the shot. The referee warns Kuzmin about coming in with his head. Dawejko misses on a homerun overhand right. Kuzmin 10-9.

Round 10: Last round. Kuzmin comes in right away and lands a hard right hand. Dawejko holds on the inside. Kuzmin throws three punches that don’t land clean but keep Dawejko on the defensive. Right hand lands for Kuzmin after a measuring jab. Two more hooks land for Kuzmin on the inside. Kuzmin doubles up on the jab again and tries another right hand. Counter right hand partially lands for Dawejko. Kuzmin 10-9. I’ve got it for Kuzmin, 97-93.

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