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Ryan Garcia reflects on latest win, talks about possibly fighting Rolly Romero

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Garcia’s confidence is back at an all-time high.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Ryan Garcia talks a bit about his most recent win over the weekend as well as all the talk surrounding a Rolly Romero match. Check it out...

Garcia on things starting to come back together for him under trainer Eddie Reynoso:

“Yup. I mean, I just need a strong team behind me, people that believe in me. I have the talent, I have the speed, the skills. I have the IQ to learn stuff. So I just needed a team behind me that has experience and, you know, it’s showing that with a good team behind you, you can keep improving, keep getting better.”

On what the biggest improvement Reynoso has made in him:

“I think composure, defense, footwork. I mean, everything. It’s an overall thing. When you learn, everything’s getting better...I’ve learned an overall thing and on top of it, you can’t teach my precision and accuracy. And that’s what I have over, I think, anybody I fight. My accuracy is on point. When I throw I don’t really miss, like I have good timing. So if I just learn the basics of boxing, learning, getting better [at] setting up shots, I’ma land ‘em because I know how to hit.”

On what he wanted to display for the audience:

“I wanted to show people my head movement, I didn’t get the chance to. Dude was loading up on the shots so I’d rather just take ‘em on the arms because if I tried to move my head [he could catch me with something]. He’s fresh. When somebody’s fresh try not to dodge so much because that’s when you could get it. I mean look what happened to Erickson Lubin...Later on in the fight I would’ve been slipping on him.”

On how soon he thinks he could fight again:

“I want to get in May 4th...I mean I train my ass off so, I mean, I’m still in shape. I could’ve went 12 rounds today. I was very in shape, I was sparring everyday...If they let me [fight on Canelo’s card] I’ll do it. If not, it’s okay.”

On him talking about possibly facing Rolly Romero, a Mayweather fighter:

“I don’t even name him, because he doesn’t need to be named...He don’t deserve it. He don’t deserve it, he didn’t do anything. He did a sparring match that he did alright. That’s literally it. But that’s when I was 18-years-old. Like, come on man, what are you happy for?

On if he thinks that fight could actually happen:

“Anything can be made. You know, he’s gonna be happy if he gets money. He needs money, I guarantee you. He said that ‘Ryan Garcia’s not gonna take $200k?’ Boy, I have money. Like he don’t understand, I get money outside of boxing — a lot of money. I’m good. I’m good every month. Every month it comes in like clockwork. So I’m good, I have other outlets. You only have boxing, so therefore you need this fight. I don’t need $200k, but will I take it? Of course...”