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Canelo Alvarez talks fight with Daniel Jacobs, potential third fight with Gennady Golovkin, and more

Canelo Alvarez talks Daniel Jacobs, Gennady Golovkin, and much more.

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Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding - Weigh-In Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez sat down with media on Tuesday for a conference call to discuss his May 4 fight with Daniel Jacobs, which will stream live on DAZN, as well as a potential third fight with Gennady Golovkin and much more.

Here’s what he had to say.

On Jacobs’ 2017 fight with Gennady Golovkin

“I’ve seen the fight. Not only that fight, we watch other fights to see if there is a variety, a change in different styles, how he adapts to different opponents. Based on that, we work on our strategy and prepare for what’s coming on fight night, whatever he can bring and the changes he might make.”

“(Golovkin-Jacobs) was close. Could have been to anyone. For me personally, boxing is an appreciation. For me, Jacobs won the fight.”

On facing Golovkin a third time later this year

“First things first. We have a tough, difficult fight ahead of us. As a team, we have a goal. The objective of this year is to win all the belts. If Golovkin has a belt, then yes. Why not? We’ve given the fans two beautiful, great fights. Why not a third?”

On the fight with Daniel Jacobs

“It’s going to be a very difficult fight, especially in the first few rounds. Until the moment that I start adapting and imposing my style it will be a difficult fight because of his style.”

“He’s an opponent that is very complete. He knows how to change guards from southpaw to orthodox. He knows how to move in the ring. Very difficult.

“We know the risk of this fight, and it is a high-risk fight. A fighter of my experience, of my level, has to adapt and know how to adapt to all the levels. That’s what we’re preparing for. We’re working very hard to prepare and come out with the victory.”

On the lack of trash talk for Jacobs compared to his fights with Golovkin

“You guys know me. I mean, it’s never been in my character, my trait, to be offending fighters, talking bad about them. What happened in the Golovkin fight was a reaction to everything they said and they did, and they talked about me.

“This particular case the fans know we’re both going to go in that ring, give it 100%, give it our all, and provide a great fight.”

On extra motivation fighting on Cinco de Mayo weekend

“It’s like all fights. Yes, obviously fighting on these important dates for my country, you know, May and September are very important for me. They motivate me. They are like all my fights. I love boxing and what I do, and that motivates me in all my fights.”

“For me it’s very important to fight and continue this tradition as a Mexican. As a team it’s important to be fighting on those two important dates, May and September. You know, it’s a great responsibility that comes along with it, but it’s taken care of with the hard work that we put in.”

On whether he’s faced anyone he’d compare to Jacobs

“No, I believe Jacobs has a unique style because he’s a very complete fighter. He can box, punch; he’s tall, agile. I fought all the styles out there, and I believe at my level with my experience, you put it all together, no matter what’s in front of me, I can adapt and overcome.”

On people believing Canelo may have an advantage with judges

“I don’t think about it. Doesn’t bother me. Look, people are always going to have their opinions and think and criticize, but that’s part of it. That’s part of the game.”

Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Golovkin “needing a belt” before a third fight

“Look, the objective this year is to win all titles. My goal this year is to have all the belts. If Golovkin has a belt before the end of the year, then yes, we’ll gladly fight him. If he doesn’t, see where it falls later, how it plays out. Right now my first objective, my goal, is May 4th to pick up that belt.”

On moving back down from 168 to 160 for this fight

“You know, that’s always part of the game. That’s always a sacrifice, to make weight. Working hard the weight comes off, and that’s what we’re doing.”

On whether he envisioned his success when he started boxing

“I’m going to explain the process. When I first started as a young kid boxing I always dreamed of becoming a world champion, and I had a great example in the gym, (indiscernible) who was a champion. Through that process, through that growth, as you learn with experience and see things, I started challenging myself more and saying, Why one championship? I can go on and win more.”

On what he wants his legacy to be

“I want to be remembered as one the greats in boxing, and that’s why I continue to work hard and continue taking on these type of fights, so I can continue writing history.”

On what he would say to his younger self now

“I would tell him to continue with that motivation, that enthusiasm, that hard work, that discipline, and continue doing what he was doing. That’s how Chepo would always tell me and remind me: You’re going to make it to as far as you want to make it.”

On what he’s learned since the Mayweather fight in 2013

“I’ve had many fights I’ve learned. Every fight. At different levels you learn something, and that is where I am today because of all those fights. The experience I have today is because of fights in the past.

“But it’s not only those fights. It’s the ones from here on out. In boxing you never stop learning. I continue to learn and I continue to put it into practice.”

On if he considers Jacobs his most important fight yet

“Look, right now more than ever everybody wants to fight me, to beat me. Obviously that’s the biggest thing for them. They want to come and beat me.

“We’re always exposed to that. In boxing anything can happen. That’s why today I train harder than ever, so that it doesn’t happen and we continue with victories and continue winning.”

On which fight has taught him the most

“Every single one. Every single one has taught me something, given me the experience, the maturity, and made me the fighter that I am today. I learned from every single fight.”

On Jacobs coming in lower at the 30-day weigh-in

“It’s a part of boxing. It’s always a sacrifice to lose weight. Some lose it gradually and some wait until the week, the day before. Everybody has their own way of losing the weight. I don’t pay attention to that. Doesn’t bother me. We just make the weight at the fight.”

On potentially going up to 175 pounds and facing someone like Sergey Kovalev

“Everything is possible. Look, as a team we’ve always been a team to take on all challenges. That’s what motivates and drives me. But right now, the focus is 100% on May 4th and what I have in front of me at this time. But the door is open. It’s open and it’s possible.”

On Jacobs usually having a weight advantage on fight night

“I’m a fighter that’s very confident in my ability, what I can do, and I don’t really — that doesn’t bother me. I’ve faced the strongest fighters out there and I’m prepared for that and more. I’m an elite fighter that can adapt to that.”

On Jacobs’ switch-hitting and potentially fighting as a southpaw

“Southpaws haven’t been complicated for me. I’m a fighter that can adapt to all styles and I have shown it. Jacobs switches and that’s an ability he has, but it’s impossible that he can be a better southpaw than he’s going to be orthodox. But that’s what we’re preparing for.”

On his preferred fighting weight

“It’s no secret that my ideal weight is 160 pounds, the middleweight division. Look, everybody knows I’ve always loved challenges, so if there’s challenges and titles out there, I’m open to it like I’ve shown in the past.”

On whether or not it bothers him that people constantly bring up the GGG fights

“No. It’s normal. It’s normal. Look, today we still talk about Leonard and Duran and Hagler and Leonard. They’re great fights. People are going to always talk about them. Right now my objective is May 4th. That’s where my focus is. If a third fight happens, it’ll be better than the first two. Right now my concentration and focus is on May 4th.”