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Arum details his plans for Wilder-Fury II

Bob Arum thinks Wilder-Fury II should happen early next year in order to make it into a huge PPV event.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum took some time to chat with Fight Hub TV about his plans for staging an eventual Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury rematch and why he thinks Anthony Joshua is on the outside looking in. Check it out...

On signing Tyson Fury and scuttling the immediate Wilder rematch, and his plans for that fight in the future:

“Well certainly it’s not out of the question. That’s the fight that should be made, probably early next year. We said this: we’ll do our part building Tyson Fury up so that not just the boxing people, but all the public knows how entertaining he is and all that, like a George Foreman. We’ll do that on our part.

“You have to take Wilder and also reintroduce him to the American public. And I was very delighted to see that during the Final Four, between the games, they put Wilder on CBS which is the parent company of Showtime. That was a good first step. A lot of people saw him, that’s what we want.

“The more we build that fight, the more the fighters will make, the promoters will make. I really think that when that fight happens next year we can do between two to three million homes.”

On if marinating the rematch could be dangerous because either guy could lose in the meanwhile:

“When they fought last time we did 350,000 homes. That’s a pittance to what it should be. By the time it happens we’ll do between two to three million homes. That’s worth building, and it’s not a long time. Wilder needs Breazeale and then some other fight, Fury needs the Schwarz and then another fight with the build-up, and then the fight will happen. And it’s worth waiting for to take a 350,000 home fight and make it a two million+ fight.”

On how Anthony Joshua factors into these plans:

“Joshua doesn’t factor in while he is tied to DAZN and Eddie Hearn, because to maximize the dollars he has to fight in the United States. And he can’t fight in the United States on a PPV because Eddie is beholden to DAZN. If they fight in the UK you can’t do PPV in the United States because it’s the afternoon. So Joshua is out in the cold unless and until he either severs his deal with Eddie Hearn or Eddie persuades DAZN to allow Joshua to fight either Wilder or Fury on PPV in the United States.”

On what he makes of the deal DAZN reportedly offered to Wilder:

“Of course [he shouldn’t have taken the DAZN deal], ‘cause then he wouldn’t have access to the tremendous bucks that PPV can turn out for the fight. If I’m right, if they’re right, that a Wilder-Fury fight will do say two million on the downside, that, you know, will be like $80M just from PPV. Well then when you take what the fighters get plus the gate and so forth, and then you do a rematch, Wilder will do a helluva lot better...”